Lamar Odom: Serious Drug Use Report

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Lamar Odom is suffering through serious drug problems. Is it crack? Is it cocaine? Either way... it's a problem.

Lamar seems like a good guy, instead of people shitting on him they need to help him im sorry i think its wrong that people shit on him, Addiction is not an easy thing to go through so i wish people would be more mindful of the situation and not post such hateful comments im just saying


Lamar go 2 rehab, bcome Straight Edge n go back wit Khloe again.


Come on ppl leave these people alone.Dont anyone think about the 2minutes we see on tv or a magazine..thier lives are much more than that.No privacy and everyone watching...I. sure tabloids could make something out of each of our lifes.Let Kloe and Lamar have some privacy instead of always being on the attack...all the bs makes me wanna have a xanax...Kloe and Lamar not everyone believes everything...hold on ro one anoughther and ull make it througb all things most of us fail....

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