Joshua Ledet - "To Love Somebody"

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Might this be the best ever performance by Joshua Ledet? You simply must listen to his cover of "To Love Somebody."

I agree with everyone. This guy has incredible ability. I continue to listen to this track as well as "I believe", "without you" and others. It's not just his passion. It's also the emotion and power that he has and certainly not least, his voice. He really can give you chills. I disagree regarding Colton. A hip haircut and clothes does not make you a talent. Too many people think that if they have some "look" they will suceed. I think he was lucky to get as far as did. I think Jessica probably has the best voice in terms of pure vocal ability. Her performance of the Houston song was incredible as well as the song "I'm not going". Josh just has a little something else. Phillip is a different kind of talent. Maybe not as good vocally, but good. It obviously comes down to popularity with the ones voting as it has in the past. Regardless, I hope Josh, Jessica and Phillip have great careers and I'd like to see Holly C. do well too because she can sing.


Absolutely amazing! I loved this performance. Such passion. It reminded me of how much in love I am with my husband. Fantastic job!


joshua is extremely talented.his voice is unprecedented and i believe he is the best in this competition.he has been the best and most consistent in his performances and he is absolutely unique.he has so much soul passion in his performances and his voice????wow,i just cant get tired of listening to him sing.the judges are absolutely right.i have'nt heard anyone sing like him.he is born for this and he can heal hearts with his joshua,win,you deserve it


this boy can really sing. when God was sharing out talent him get most of it


I think he's one of the best . Was worried at first he couldn't do anything except gospel and it would hinder him boy was I wrong. He takes me to church everytime


maybe not knowing a song and then singing it for the first time or two is a help. still, i think this was all a bit of an overreaction. he will probably come in third with philip and jessica battling it out at the end. colton's stage presence had them all beat but he is gone sadly.


Love me some Joshua!!! We he starts his "build up", you can feel him digging down all the way to his toes....and the minute his lifts that leg, you know that he's about to mark the song as his. I could listen to him sing all night long :)

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