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Jesse Eisenberg gives an interview about the movie Now You See Me in this video and we can't decide: is he really being a jerk?

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He's trying to be a dick so she'll like him. Too bad she's out of his league on every level except for aspergers.


I'm not really sure what to think, Jesse is kinda harsh, the girl doesn't deserve that ya know .-.


oh for heavens sake this is ridiculous. Pumpkin pie and beatlejuice, this is much worse than worser than fine. don't think about that too much. You all smell of gooseberrycocktails


I can't believe this is even a thing. Who on earth is this ridiculous 12-year-old 'interviewer' and why is she trying to get publicity by acting so pathetically. Jesse's brilliant - amazing actor, hilarious and seems to be one of the most genuinely sweet actors out there judging from his interviews. He was clearly joking with this girl, not his fault she's retarded. Jesse, we love you darling.


I thought he was hilarious, clever and smart assy. I guess she just wasn't expecting to be made fun of.


she was really rude from the very beginning! her magic with the fingers, if I were him, i would be very much offended if i was asked to debunk such a stupidity.


The girl is COMPLETELY unprofessional!!, rude and annoying. no wonder he was acting like that, he just wanted to get out of there!!


He is not rude, The reporter lady was so unprofessional if she can't do her job well just quit !!


He was not rude, the girl was just being annoying. I like Jesse's honest opinion, he's awesome.


I dont think he is acting any different than any other kid his age. That said i think every kid this age seems to be a self absorbed jerk with no social skills. But because they are all like that, he cancels out any specific attempts of being rude when talking amongst his own kind. With a lower standard of social ettiquete, he would have to stab her or masterbate in order to be rude to this generation.

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