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Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw says she it NOT stalking Usher. The singer has filed for a restraining order against this woman.

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*Erotomania, rather.




It can be done. I direct a mental health facility...ever been to jail/prison? All sorts of items are found in the care of the residents. I've confiscated everything from cigarettes to a .45 (gun type, as of two Weeks ago). Also based on your response your knowledge base in this field is weak. Psychosis doesn't equate a lack of intelligence or any continued states of unknowingness. It simply denotes periods of time where an individual experiences an inability to distinguish fantasy and reality. A review of the DSM IV tr May assist you in better understanding your scope of practice. :)


ummm..@dr.dubb ..i get what you are saying however..I use to work at a mental institute what kind of treatment facility allow electronic devices and why does she have that paperwork readily available to her..did anyone think anything of the fact that Mr.Raymond was whispering pretty much through the call to my eyes a red flag..ok chick maybe a few days short of a week..but umm how did she get his address and outsmart the guard at the gate etc etc...what I dont understand is how psychotic people or basically mentally ill people have pockets or brief floods of the kid that burglarized sean combs home..dude chilled there for at least a day eating drinking and chilling..then went to sleep and was found like goldy locks(spell check)by the three bears..


Usher Bangs Everyone


Comments 2~6 can go to hell. People like you all are evil and heartless. It's beyond obvious that this woman is suffering from symptoms of a psychiatric illness. Would you talk so reckless about someone suffering from Cancer? HIV? Would you laugh and judge a child diagnosed with traumatic brain injury? Or how funny is an older person on his bed dying from kidney failure??? Not so funny huh? Why is it that persons suffering from a psychiatric illness get to be judged by such "perfect" people. Its obvious based on the background noise that this was recorded in a treatment facility. ....fuck outta here with the idea that laughing at judging people is the business. ...where do they do that at????


I beleive her war she got 2 lie for maybe sum but cum on the rest


Sad. You can totally see all the signs of her lying, telling lie after lie. They way she breathes in, looks away, stops even for a brief moment trying to think of things to say. It's scripted.


This chick is cray


This girl has lost all her marbles! And she looks like Ciely from color purple! Usher don't want that honey

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