Brittany Murphy Death: No Plans to Reopen Case

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There are no plans to reopen the Brittany Murphy death investigation, according to reports, new toxicology results and all.

...don't forget that Michael Jackson was killed over his share of Sony Music's Publishing whom he publicly spoke about in speeches before his death. Even Evan Chandler whom accused him of rapping his son in the second trail committed 'suicide'. Tupac happened to be murdered when he threatened to run off with unreleased songs worth millions with him onto his on label when he found out he was being shortened money according to the flim, 'Biggie and Tupac'. ''The Love of Money (i.e power) is the Root of All Evil as JESUS said!''.


Of course she was most likely whacked off like a whole black list of murdered celebrities. Satanic 'Holly'wood and 'Occult' Music Land kills people left and right for a whole variety reasons (not all of them whom die before their time are targeted, but waaaaaaay too many are).

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