James Franco is a growing star. He's a hot young actor who has starred in Spider-Man among other hits.

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The frequently hilarious, sometimes baffling performance art of Seth Rogen and James Franco has given us some memorable moment over the years:

There was the time Rogen and Franco spoofed Kimye by rubbing uglies on a motorcycle. The time they time Franco painted Rogen nude and shared every doughy detail on Instagram. 

But for all the times they've amused us in various stages of undress, the freaky, geeky duo have never gotten serious while nude. Until now:

  • James Franco and Seth Rogen: Naked and Afraid
  • Seth Rogen and James Franco: Naked, Afraid!

Yes, nothing says male bonding like letting dongs flap free while fighting for survival, and hopefully that's what Rogen and Franco are teasing here.

They posted a series of pics referencing the Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid reality series, with little in the way of explanation:

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Here's something you need to know about working in Hollywood: If Judd Apatow likes you, he'll apparently keep casting on you in his projects.

That's been pretty true for several members of the now-famous director's short-lived cult hit Freaks and Geeks​, which debuted 15 years ago.

So where ARE the Freaks and Geeks cast members now? Take a look:

Freaks and Geeks Cast
Jason Segel. James Franco. Busy Phillips. Linda Cardellini. THESE were the faces of Freaks and Geeks! Who, besides the show's superfans, knew!?!

In case you aren't familiar with the genius that was this project, and I was not until about half an hour ago, the first thing you'll notice is that the cast was comprised of famous faces.

Seth Rogen. Busy Phillips. Linda Cardellini. Jason Segel. James Franco. John Francis Daley. They're all stars.

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James Franco was one of the many names named on the Lindsay Lohan sex list that leaked back in March.

No one was surprised by the confirmation that Linds had banged a lot of dudes, but James was apparently very surprised to find his name on the list for the simple reason that Franco never slept with Lohan.

  • James Franco Red Carpet Image
  • Lindsay Lohan GQ Awards Photo

At least that's what he claims, and we're inclined to believe him based on the fact that Lohan's had plenty of opportunities to call him out as a liar, but has declined to do so.

These days, James so desperately wants the world to know that he never caught whatever Linds is spreading that he's basically introduced a new literary sub-genre with one simple message: Hey world, I totally never boned Lindsay Lohan!

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What does an Oscar winner have in common with a former Jersey Shore cast member?

How can the First Lady of the United States relate to the woman who had sex with Ray J on video camera?

Aside from really weird Instagram photos and a love of revealing their skin to Internet followers, what could Rihanna talk to Miley Cyrus about for hours on end?

The answer to all these questions is one and the same: HAIR.

Nearly all famous females (and a few famous males) have undergone major hairstyle transformations over the past few months, from shortening their locks to dyeing them an unexpected color.

So, in honor of Throwback Thursday, we've collected a number (29, to be exact) of the most radical alterations in the following photo gallery and we're asking readers to consider:

Who is 'doing it right? And who is 'doing it way, way, way wrong?

Lena Dunham Blonde Hair
We can't tell people, can you? Does Lena Dunham have a new hair color?

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You may want to sit down for this one: James Franco did something weird and artsy.

We know it's shocking stuff, but at least this time he had a good reason for pulling a LaBeouf-level red carpet stunt.

Franco posted a bald selfie to Instagram last week, leading many to wonder if he shaved his head for a role, or if he'd finally cracked and joined a cult.

It turns out that unlike Franco's nude selfies, there's actually a point to the chrome dome...and the weird fake tattoo stenciled on the back of his head:

  • James Franco: Venice Film Festival Photo
  • James Franco Head Tattoo Photo

James is directing and starring in an adaptation of Steve Erickson's novel Zeroville, in which he'll play a movie editor with an image of Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift tatted on his skull.

Franco showed up to the Venice Film Festival in character so that he could use the fest as a backdrop for scenes in the film. Also, so that everyone would look at him like, WTF?

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James Franco is so adept at using Instagram to capture the Internet's attention that we're starting to think he might be a long-lost Kardashian.

At first, Franco used nude selfies to gain followers - one of the oldest tricks in the "look at me" book.

But eventually, even James got bored with the sight of his topless torso and he began branching out. He pretended to be married to Lana Del Rey for a while, and when that got old (which was almost immediately), he began experimenting with his hair.

First, Franco dyed his hair blonde - an unfortunate look that made fans wonder if he'd signed to star in a Backstreet Boys biopic.

James must have agreed that the look was lame, because he's since taken an even more extreme measure with his signature locks:

James Franco Bald

Yes, that's James rocking a chrome dome and a fake mustache for his upcoming role in Zeroville. Regardless of how you feel about the look, the role sounds like a perfect for Franco:

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If you found it hard to locate a bottle of vodka this weekend, it may have been because after her epic, several-month European bender, Lindsay Lohan is back in the States.

Lindsay Lohan: Cocaine Nose?
Some Instagram users have suggested that Lindsay has visible cocaine in her nostril here. Sadly, we wouldn't be surprised.

Despite her busy schedule of getting hammered in the Hamptons, Lindsay found time to give an interview to E! news in which she opened up for the first time about a short story by James Franco in which Linds is a portrayed as a boozy, foul-mouthed floozy.

Asked about Franco's bizarre work of nonfiction, Lindsay replied, "If someone wants to do that for their own reasons, there's nothing to say. I'm not in their head. I would never do that. I didn't read it."

The thing clocked in at like 800 words, so we're not exactly shocked that Linds didn't get around to reading it.

What we are surprised by is Lindsay's surprisingly lucid, rational reaction to the now-infamous Lohan sex list leak:

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Say what you want about James Franco (I had sex with him, says Linday Lohan), but the actor is certainly unafraid to challenge himself.

In the acting department. In the Oscar-hosting department. In the hair department.

The actor shared an Instagram photo yesterday morning of his new look, one that includes blonde locks thar Franco admits hearkens back to “late 90s bleach." What do you think of the dye job?

James Franco Blonde Hair

It's unclear whether Franco did this for a new movie or just for kicks, but he's clearly having a blast with the change.

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James Franco's crush on Lana Del Rey is so intense it threatens to consume his deeply poetic soul, but sadly his feelings aren't reciprocated.

But he won't give up! These days, when he's not filling notebooks with tortured free verse about his love for Lana, James employs a method utilized by friend-zoned dudes for generations.

James Franco and Lana Del Rey: Married?!
Are James and Lana married. No, but James really wishes they were.

He posts constant photos of the two of them in hopes that Lana will look at the pics and say, "Aw, we totally make a cute couple. I should bang him."

But just like when Franco seduced that teen on Instagram, the whole thing is blowing up in his face!

Lana's not taking the bait and she's still dating Francesco Carrozzini even though he's totally not famous!

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Justin Bieber may be feeling a little lonely at the moment.

No, not because he isn't with Selena Gomez anymore.

Because many celebrities have spoken out in the 24 hours or so since news broke that Orlando Bloom tried to punch Bieber... and none are exactly taking the singer's side.

From talk show hosts to television stars, uniforms for Team Bieber aren't exactly in danger of being sold out. And these reactions all took place before Bieber sunk to an immature low of releasing a photo of Bloom crying on Instagram.

Scroll around below and see what stars are saying about the Bieber-Bloom blowup:

Jimmy Fallon
"Orlando Bloom apparently threw a punch at Justin Bieber last night during an argument at a nightclub," the Tonight Show host said in his monologue. "Orlando's hand was pretty sore today...You know, from all the high fives he got!"

Now YOU tell us: Whose side are you on in this feud?


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