Emilio Estevez is the brother of Charlie Sheen. Son of Martin Sheen. Kept family's actual last name. Starred in The Breakfast Club, The...

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Want to know one of the secrets of Hollywood magic? Making surprisingly short stars look super tall through a little camera trick known as perspective.

Super short celebrities have nothing to fear when it's time to make a movie. If a guy is shorter than his leading lady, directors will fix that right up!

Bam! Audiences will never know he's actually 5" shorter than his costar! That is, until the press tour. Those images can't be faked quite as easily. 

Some stars, especially those of the male persuasion with easily bruised egos, demand that co-stars and/or wives don't wear heels on the red carpet. (coughTomCruisecough!!)

Others, however, own their short stature and make it part of their shtick. For the ladies of Hollywood, it might mean never being a supermodel, but doesn't typically affect their star power.

It does, however, make for comically hilarious photos when they stand next to really tall celebrities like Joel McHale. Check out this list of 25 super short celebs to see!

Anna Kendrick
Don't underestimate Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick because she's only 5' tall!

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His brother Charlie Sheen would consider this par for the course (and then do both of them at the same, or at least inquire about the possibility). But Emilio Estevez looks a little awkward in this picture, flanked by babes of yore Demi Moore and Sharon Stone in Toronto.

Demi Moore Us Weekly Cover

We don't blame you, e-squared. They are kinda hot. The trio was in Canada to promote Bobby, the new film in which they all star, and Estevez wrote and directed. The forthcoming drama is based on the life and assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy. No word on whether Ashton Kutcher has tried to punk Emilio yet, though we can imagine it can't be far off.