Chris Crocker is a big Britney Spears fan. We were also pretty sure Chris Crocker was a dude from the start, but it could have stood for...

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With a single September YouTube sob-fest, Chris Crocker became an androgynous Internet celebrity. In fact, this teenage Tennessean became a worldwide sensation and was pretty much the only thing people talked about the day after Britney Spears' infamous VMA performance (or implosion, more accurately).

But while Chris Crocker became famous to his YouTube appeal for celebrity gossip sites to "Leave Britney Alone!" - his opinion has changed in light of Britney's meltdown last Thursday and Friday.

Britney Bikini Shot

"I officially retract my statement," Chris Crocker told the New York Post's Page Six. "Britney needs to not be left alone right now. I think if everyone left her alone, she could do some major damage to herself."

Chris Crocker's' concerns that Britney will harm herself echo her fans' fears that their once shining star is in real danger of burning out.

We're talking Anna Nicole Smith style here.

"The people close to her, they need to step up and help her at this time. Rally together and do what they can to save her life," Chris Crocker said.

We're guessing he didn't have Dr. Phil in mind.

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Apparently Hyde still has some standards.

Effeminate Britney Spears fan and YouTube "celebrity" Chris Crocker went to the famed Hollywood hot spot last night to celebrate his 20th birthday - but his 15 minutes of fame appear to be the only thing extinguished on this eve.

Hyde's glory days have passed, but it's still out of Chris Crocker's league.

Sadly, Chris Crocker had to take his party train elsewhere as he was turned down at the super exclusive Sunset Blvd. saloon. Stunning, really.

Upon rejection, the derailed crybaby did make a good point, however: "If they won't let Aries Spears in, then they shouldn't let me in."

At least he's self-aware, unlike his look-alike Heidi Montag.

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They're blonde. They're everywhere. They're really annoying. They love them some celebrity news... if it involves them, especially. They're famous thanks to someone else (Lauren Conrad and Britney Spears, respectively).

If there were ever more appropriate celebrity look-alikes (and think-alikes) than YouTube star Chris Crocker (right) and The Hills star Heidi Montag (left), well, we certainly don't know who that would be. Check out our comparison ...

Pratts Packing

The only difference we can think of? Chris Crocker has real boobs.

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Thanks to his passionate, tearful and unintentionally hilarious appeal for celebrity gossip sites and people in general to back off Britney Spears (!), nut job Chris Crocker quickly became one of the train wreck singer's best-known fans.

The feeling is not mutual.

Spears in Pink

The Tennessee native, who garnered instant fame after posting his "Leave Britney Alone!" YouTube video, rubs the pop princess the wrong way.

"Britney does not think Chris Crocker is funny," a Spears pal, possibly Sam Lufti, tells Us Weekly. "She thinks he's creepy and that his videos are an obvious attempt at fame. She finds it insulting and difficult to watch."

But Chris Crocker defends his teary online tribute.

"It was to give Britney fans a voice," he said. "There is nothing insulting there. It was for her fans to show our support."

Crocker was in L.A. promoting Onch Movement jewelry when he learned Spears lost custody of Sean Preston Federline, 2, and Jayden James Federline, 1.

But her #1 fan is confident that the situation is only temporary.

"My mom lost custody of me when she was younger and she got it back," says the outspoken Crocker. "She can always get it together. She's just not herself right now, it's a transitional time in her life. She's got time to change and she will."

Thanks, as always, for the words of infinite wisdom, Chris Crocker. It's a good thing this dude is getting his own reality show.

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Next thing you know, the seas will start boiling, pigs will fly, Heidi Montag will stop begging for attention and OJ Simpson will be elected President.

The above scenarios don't seem all that far fetched now that Chris Crocker, the 19-year-old Tennessean and MySpace/YouTube sensation, has a TV deal.

That's right, the whiny one, whose tearful plea to "Leave Britney Alone" rocked YouTube the week after the Britney Spears' VMA implosion has signed a deal to develop his own show with reality-TV producer 44 Blue Productions.

According to Variety, the company's plan is to build a new "documentary-soap" around the life of Chris Crocker. "It's pretty much going to be 'the Chris Crocker experience,'" 44 Blue's president tells the publication. "We consider him a rebel character that people find interesting. He's going to be a TV star."

Rebel? We could think of some other words to describe Chris Crocker, but we'll let this one pass. Such absurdity speaks for itself, after all. Only in America.

Left: Britney Spears melts down at the VMAs. Right: Chris Crocker pleads for people to leave Britney alone... and scores his own reality TV show out of it.

Since his tirade against the mean celebrity gossip world, Crocker has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and his Britney rant was spoofed by Seth Green.

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We've seen Chris Crocker defend Britney Spears.

Then we saw Seth Green really go to town on Crocker.

In the figurative sense. As in, he impersonated the YouTube celebrity and had a heck of a good time lampooning him. Nothing of a sexual nature was implied there. Get your perverted, immature minds out of the gutter, people.

Anyway, Chris Crocker has whined his way to Internet fame with his plea to celebrity gossip sites and all citizens to stop bashing Britney. Thursday he parlayed that fame into an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. See below.


Chris Crocker: A very normal guy.

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Bashing Britney Spears is so September 10.

Yes, most of the online community has moved on, and now it's time to take cheap shots at the random-ass loons we only know exist because of her - namely her most famous Internet defender: Chris Crocker.

By now you've surely seen Crocker's tearful defense of Britney Spears ("She had two f*%king kids! Her husband was a USER!") circulating on the web.

Yes, Chris Crocker. Britney is a human being. An absurd one, not unlike you. Funny how that works. That said, everyone is lining up to poke fun at both.

Even Seth Green.

Sporting enough eyeliner to resemble Pete Wentz, Seth Green went on MySpace TV and screamed into the camera, skewering the effeminate, teenage Chris Crocker by begging fans to just leave him alone, man!

"You have not spent a mile walking in his sneakers ... or platform pumps," Green shrieks. "I don't know what he wears but I bet it's stylish!"

Just a guess here, but it's probably pumps. Or stiletto heels.

And yes, Seth Green has gone from an actor best known for some of the great Can't Hardly Wait quotes 10 years ago to a guy on our site solely because he lampoons a guy who defends Britney. As The Hollywood Gossip world turns....

Here's Seth Green impersonating Chris Crocker:


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T.H. Gossip Correction: When we declared that Britney Spears' performance at the VMAs was panned universally, we were mistaken. One person is still fond of Spears - and off his/her medication hating on the celebrity news media for bashing her.

On YouTube, Chris Crocker passionately defends Brit - and herself, promising that the display of emotion below (which has to be seen to be believed) is real.

Britney Spears, Gun

"Yes, I was REALLY crying, you f*%king morons," he/she (we can't tell) writes. "The one time I'm NOT acting- everyone says I am. I filmed this window lighting which washes out my face- if the video is watched full screen I am clearly crying, a$$holes."

Okay then. Without further ado, you gotta peep this...


This hysterical, distraught Britney Spears fanatic, who should really consider enlisting a whole team of psychologists, ASAP, implores: "How f*%king dare anyone out there make fun of Britney after all she's been through!?"

She has, indeed, been through a lot. Like parading around with no underwear at clubs. Girl deserves a break. How could anyone make light of such a thing.

We take it all back. Happy now, Chris Crocker?

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