Want to know one of the secrets of Hollywood magic? Making surprisingly short stars look super tall through a little camera trick known as perspective.

Super short celebrities have nothing to fear when it's time to make a movie. If a guy is shorter than his leading lady, directors will fix that right up!

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Anna Kendrick, the girl next door whom everyone wishes they were friends with, dating, or married to, graces the July cover of Elle magazine.

Looking gorgeous sitting poolside, the 28-year-old downplays her sex appeal, claiming she has not been hit on since her breakout role in 2009's Up in the Air.

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Valentine's Day 2014 is upon us, and at THG, this got us thinking about the men and women of the celebrity universe who we're crushing on at the moment.

While admittedly easy on the eyes, these celebs had to be more than hot to make the list. We crush on talent, personality, charm, warmth and other intangibles.

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