Lip Sync Battle: The Best of the Bunch!

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Who would have guessed that such a simple concept would be so gosh darn entertaining?

Take a handful of celebrities across a number of industries. Put them on stage. And have them totally go crazy while lip-syncing along to various hits from various music genres.

From Anne Hathway riding around on a wrecking ball like Miley Cyrus ... to Julianne Hough just having had sex (WHAT?!?)... to Justin Bieber in drag, check out the very best performances from Spike's Lip Sync Battle now...

(Editor's Note: We've included a few lip sync battles from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon... because they are AWESOME. And because there's where the idea for this show originated anyway.)

1. Julianne Hough Just Had Sex!

Okay, no. Julianne Hough did NOT just have sex. She's a virgin. But she's singing about intercourse here on Lip Sync Battle.

2. Anne Hathaway Makes Like Miley Cyrus

You go, Anne Hathaway! The actress rides a wrecking ball like Miley Cyrus in this clip from the awesome new show.

3. Justin Bieber in Drag!

Justin Bieber goes heavy metal in this performance of “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne. It’s a sneak peek from the show Lip Sync Battle.

4. Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski Lip Sync Battle - Booty vs. Proud Mary!

Anna Kendrick and John Krasinski bring their lip sync battle to an epic conclusion. How does Krasinski's take on Tina Turner's classic version of Proud Mary stand next to Anna's take on Jennifer Lopez's Booty?

5. Mike Tyson vs. Terry Crews Lip Sync Battle Video

Mike Tyson and Terry Crews compete on Lip Sync Battle, and Crews kills it.

6. Marlon Wayans Lip Syncs to Pharrell

Is that Marlon Wayans or is that? Watch the actor make like the singer in this great clip from Lip Sync Battle.

7. Queen Latifah Lip Syncs to LL Cool J

Well done, Queen Latifah! The artist takes on an LL Cool J song for this Lip Sync Battle clip, with LL Cool J standing right there!

8. Emma Stone Lip-Syncs Against Jimmy Fallon

We adore Emma Stone. Watch her battle Jimmy Fallon in this video, lip-sync style!

9. Jimmy Fallon Lip-Sync Off with Paul Rudd

Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd compete in a lip-sync off. And it's pretty epic.

10. Lip-Sync Off With Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Stephen Marchant and Jimmy Fallon engage in an epic lip-sync off.

11. Lip-Sync Off With John Krasinski

John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon lip-sync to various pop hits. Pretty great.

12. Emily Blunt - "No Diggity"

Take it away, Emily Blunt! The British beauty sings "No Diggity" in this clip from Spike's Lip Sync Battle.

13. Hoda Kotb - "Baby Got Back"

Hoda Kotb likes big butts... and Hoda Kotb cannot lie! Check out this clip of her on Lip Sync Battle.

14. Malik Akerman - "Pour Some Sugar On Me"

Ready to pour some sugar on Malik Akerman? Or to at least watch the actress sing about this act on Lip Sync Battle?

15. Channing Tatum and VERY Special Guest Run the World on Lip Sync Battle

Channing Tatum is joined by a very special guest for this Lip Sync Battle performance. It is simply amazing.

16. Melissa McCarthy Wins Lip Sync Battle Forever and Ever

Melissa McCarthy broke out goggles and got slammed by fake stuffed animals in one of the best lip sync performances you'll ever see.

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