Vin Los Tattoo Pictures: Holy Ink!

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Vin Los has many tattoos. Just check out the photos of this aspiring male model.

1. Vin Los Picture

Vin Los Picture
Vin Los is a male model. It's safe to say offers the fashion world a different look than most male models.

2. Vin Los Instagram Photo

Vin Los Instagram Photo
Vin Los is a Sex Bomb. Don't believe us? Just look at his chest tattoo.

3. Vin Los Photo

Vin Los Photo
Nothing to see here, folks! Just a regular day at work for aspiring model Vin Los.

4. Vin Los Pic

Vin Los Pic
Vin Los has a lot of tattoos. That's probably putting it mildly, huh?

5. Vin Los Tattoos

Vin Los Tattoos
This model's name is Vin Los. In case he forgets, it's tattooed on his stomach.

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Come on now! I have more ink on my one dragon tattoo on my back than he ever has.. Even all of his tattoos' ink doesn't even measure up to mine cuz they're mostly words!!..


What happened to him that made him want to hide behind those tattoos???

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