Jennifer Lawrence Naked Photos

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Photos that reportedly feature a nude Jennifer Lawrence. Sources say the actress' phone was hacked.

1. Jennifer Lawrence Lingerie Selfie

Jennifer Lawrence Lingerie Selfie
Jennifer in some skimpy lingerie. The actress' phone was reportedly hacked earlier today.

2. Jennifer Lawrence Topless

Jennifer Lawrence Topless
Yes, it's a topless Jennifer Lawrence selfie. It really doesn't get any better than that.

3. Jennifer Lawrence Bikini Selfie

Jennifer Lawrence Bikini Selfie
Jen in a bikini. Anyone that hot should basically take constant selfies.

4. Jennifer Lawrence Naked

Jennifer Lawrence Naked
A photo that claims to show Jennifer Lawrence nude. The actress' phone was reportedly hacked.

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I'm not even interested in seeing the photos just trying to see if I see the photos.


This is not good. Morally wrong, pathetic, and preposterous. Whoever hacked and leaked the photos clearly and absolutely displays the nature do his or her mental ability to even remember that he or she is human being. It's insanity not only sickness but little twisted perverted dwarf mind of which they are idiots. Not happy


With marketers selling you the virtues of storing your data in the cloud (and having to pay for it), without informing you of the near total lack of security, maybe people will finally realize that storing anything in the cloud is sheer idiocy.
The rabbit in the hat that is the smartphone belies the fact that your standing on quicksand


xmas in august!!! I love it. You can see the rest of them pretty much anywhere else girl


I BARELY see a nipple in the last one. The others I wouldn't call nude.


It's none of our business .... Respect personal boundaries... It's a basic human right.


You'd have to have your head stuck in the sand to not realize your phone can be hacked and your nude pics exploited if you are a celeb. Stupid. How many times does it have to happen before celebs stop taking nude pics with their phones? Stupid stupid stupid. I expected a bit more intelligence from Ms. Lawrence.


no ones fault but her own...respect yourself if you want others to respect you!

@ he is what he is!

How is taking personal photos with your personal phone in your personal area not respecting yourself? You are disgusting, you know that, right?


Pathetic click-baiters don't even post the goods.


Where are all the others? There were supposed to be dozens, maybe even 60 or more nude selfies. Show 'em you fools!!!

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