Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have enjoyed a rough romance from the start. Here are photos of them looking happy, however.


If any of you think Jenelle and Nathan are "changed" or good people, then you need to read this: Can't even take care of their pets because they're too concerned about taking all those photos of themselves you see online. These two are the most disgusting, piece of sh*t excuses for human beings. Get these assh*les off tv and the internet for life! I'm tired of all their vanity and stupid selfies! These two are the most nauseating, codependent couple I have ever seen in my life. So absolutely into each other they can't see anything else, literally! Can't see how poorly they treat their "pets." Makes me wonder how truly neglected her kids are. I think I'm going to vomit. Nathan is such a piece of sh*t!

Vicki in monterey

it's nice 2 c Jenelle looking relaxed and happy.


Nathan's with Janelle just to be on tv.

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