17 Stars You Won't Believe Are the Same Age

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Father Time is undefeated, as the old sports cliche goes. Sooner or later, we all get older, right? Some of us just do it better than others.

Case in point? These 17 famous people - or pairs of famous people, to be more accurate - who you won't believe are the same age!

Then check in the mirror to see how gracefully you're aging. Or don't.

1. Lindsay Lohan and Dianna Agron

Lindsay Lohan and Dianna Agron
Dianna Agron of Glee is 29. Lindsay Lohan is too. Further comment rendered unnecessary once you stare at these photos in disbelief.

2. June Shannon and Jennifer Love Hewitt

June Shannon and Jennifer Love Hewitt
June Shannon and Jennifer Love Hewitt are both 36 years old. Yes, Mama June from Honey Boo Boo is somehow only 36 ... while we can't believe our longtime crush JLH is 36 already. One feels like she's 36 going on 56 and the other, 36 going on 26.

3. Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson

Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson
Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson, both known for their bodies and reality TV star power, are both 35 - or in Kim's case, 34 for another couple of weeks! Incredible!

4. Kate Upton and Selena Gomez

Kate Upton and Selena Gomez
Starting life as a Disney star might have done Selena Gomez good. She and Kate Upton are both 23 but one looks far older than the other.

5. Jon Hamm and Jared Leto

Jon Hamm and Jared Leto
Mad Men's Jon Hamm and Dallas Buyer's Club's Jared Leto will both be 44 by the end of 2015. Maybe it's the long hair that keeps Leto looking so Jordan Catalono-like.

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dentures speak for itself.


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Almost none of these are surprising. Maybe the first.


Robin Wright and Halle berry both look the same age and both look younger.

Sacha nikoll laine
@ Films_by

Yeah right. Halle looks younger.

@ Sachanikoll

as usual depends of the photo. these are both from 2015. Robin looks younger or better, as you wish ;-)

@ Films_by

I'm hoping Extant comes back..it was just GOOD for a change. Like your comments!

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