17 Awesome Pregnancy Announcements

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Looking to a fun way to announce your pregnancy? Allow the Internet to help!

1. We're Pregnant!

We're Pregnant!
This guy seems a little more excited about his impending baby than his wife does. We wonder why.

2. Sibling Rivalry!

Sibling Rivalry!
Now THIS is how you use a sonogram online! It can't really defend itself, however.

3. Desperate for a Crib

Desperate for a Crib
Anyone out there have a crib for sale or trade? Please? Anyone at all?

4. Pregnant Nerds

Pregnant Nerds
Nerds can have babies, too. And they can be hilarious in how they announce it.

5. Busy Big Brother

Busy Big Brother
This dog is gonna be a big brother! He doesn't seem too psyched about it, though, does he?

6. Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
This is a nice, creative, subtle way of announcing a pregnancy. But some small feet will soon be filling those shoes.

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