Katie Gosselin
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Katie Gosselin has never before been called Katie. But we are trying to mix it up.

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Kate Gosselin is a monster mom. A momster if you will. At least according to a new tell-all book.

Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World Cover

The cover for Robert Hoffman's tell-all book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.

Kate Gosselin, Kids Photo

Kate Gosselin and her kids are looking nice and happy in this pic. But is it all a facade?

The Worst Mom of All Time

Kate Gosselin may not actually be the worst mom of all time, but boy is she trying to convince us she is.

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There are no death threats. None. Proper authorities would be handling any legitimate threats, not some two-bit hack with a website. I'm sure Kate or her people have contacted authorities and those authorities have told her to get off Twitter then if she's so concerned about her kid's safety. Whoa she's not gonna do that! She's not that skeered! She wants to stay on Twitter, she wants to give her 6 fans a daily play by play of how she out-moms all of us and she wants to use Twitter to beg for freebies and gifts. She's not giving up Twitter but she does not want to be called out on her constant lies and hypocrisy anymore. So she's resorted to acting like an 8th grader. Wow. What a role model.