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Gary Coleman secretly took out a restraining order against ex-wife Shannon Price just months before she took him off life support, according to reports.

Hospitalized at the time, the actor worried what his greedy, money-grubbing leech of a former spouse would do "while she is trespassing in my home."

Coleman writes that Price "has shown a tendency to damage, destroy and steal my property and I believe she will continue to do so in my absence."

The 42-year-old former child star was granted the restraining order by a Utah court on February 19, but never ended up serving it on Shannon Price.

Gary died May 28 after suffering a fall a few days earlier and incurring severe brain trauma. Price made the decision to take the star off life support.

Not before taking photos on his deathbed to sell for profit, of course.

Why get a restraining order, then not use it? Gary's former agent, Robert Malcolm, explains: "The dynamics of their relationship were very unhealthy."

"He knew he needed to break away so he made sure she was not allowed in his home, but then he had feelings for her even though she was abusive."

"So he eventually allowed her back into his home."

Nevertheless, his affidavit seeking the restraining order shows not only the volatility of his relationship with Price but his fear of her vindictiveness.

"I believe if she is given any warning of this pending order to require her to immediately vacate the home, she will cause more damage and destroy more irreplaceable memorabilia, documents, personal papers and other such valuables," he writes.

"I therefore ask the Court to issue this order requiring her removal and restraining her from going upon the premises under any circumstances."

Malcolm has been highly critical of Shannon Price.

"Shannon knew how to get what she wanted, and he tried to give her everything to make her happy," he said. "She was incredibly jealous of his fame, she was a nobody, and didn't like to be known as a nobody, so now she is having a ball."


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For someone who claims he loved her so much, Gary Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price seems bent on making sure the actor does not rest in peace.

She's now saying she was cheated out of saying a final goodbye to the Diff’rent Strokes star, whose died May 28 and who was just cremated in Utah.

“She wanted to be there,” says Shielia Erickson, a rep for Price, noting that they found out about the cremation hours after it had already happened.

At the very least, Shielia says they should have been notified of the time, “even if we were saying a prayer at the time ... It’s sad she didn’t know.”

So true ... she could've gotten one more Gary Coleman death photo.

PAY THE PRICE: Shannon wants to make sure people do for all things Gary.

In the weeks since Gary passed, Price has lamented the loss of her precious paycheck partner. Erickson says “Shannon was hugging a picture of Gary last night.”

Probably while on the phone to the News of the World.

Shannon has been at the center of growing controversy since that day in May when he fell and hit his head, and Shannon called 911 but left him alone, bleeding.

Her reasoning? She didn't want to be traumatized.

In the hospital she took photos of him on his deathbed, which were later sold and although she denies profiting from them ... how would that possibly be true?!

Shannnon also took Coleman off life support even though he had signed a medical document saying he wished to prolong life, i.e. not have the plug pulled.

Now she’s fighting for his estate with Anna Gray, his ex-girlfriend and the executor of his 2005 will, which surfaced this week and many say will be validated.

Price alleges she was Gary's common law wife and thus entitled to everything he had. His estate could be lucrative due to residuals, and a battle is looming.

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Three weeks after Gary Coleman died, his wish to be cremated was granted, although the fate of his remains - and estate - is still very much up in the air.

Entertainment Tonight confirmed the actor's cremation, and that Coleman's former girlfriend Anna Gray paid her last respects to the star earlier this week.

Anna Gray, named in a 2005 will as the executor and beneficiary to Gary's estate, left Memorial Mortuary in Murray, Utah, after a private viewing of his body.

There will be no funeral service, per his request.

If valid, the 2005 will supersedes a 1999 will already entered for probate by the actor's former manager, Dion Mial, who implied there was foul play involved.

R.I.P. Gary Coleman (1968-2010).

Mial is likely insinuating that Gary's former wife Shannon Price had something to do with it, given the power grab she's made for his estate since he died.

But Anna Gray's lawyer Randy Kester, who was also Coleman's attorney during his divorce to Price, said the 2005 will may also override Price's claims.

If valid, it nullifies the handwritten codicil (amendment to a will) that gives all assets to Shannon Price, including a $315,000 home in Santaquin, Utah.

While Gray and Price have conflicting wills, both documents agreed that Gary wished to be cremated, so the attorneys agreed to go ahead with that.

What happens to his remains, and assets, is another story. More than likely, the battle for Coleman's estate between Gray and Price is far from over.

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The saga surrounding the tragic death of Gary Coleman continues to become more bizarre by the day, with two former loves now locking horns over him.

Coleman's former wife Shannon Price, who he divorced in 2008 but still lived with, has called the shots (and sold the Gary Coleman death photos) so far.

But a new will surfacing that allegedly names Anna Gray, the star's close friend and former girlfriend, as executor and sole beneficiary, Price may be SOL.

Gray, of Portland, Ore., filed a 2005 will last Friday in a Utah court stating Coleman left Gray the bulk of his estate. Said her attorney, Randy Kester:

"Anna just wants to carry out Gary's wishes. Her will is the most objective reflection of what Gary wanted. We're going to be in this for the long haul."

Gary Coleman with Anna Gray (left) and Shannon Price.

Gray was a business associate of the actor's for about eight years before living with him briefly in Utah, and her will bumps Dion Mial out of the picture.

Mial, Coleman's former business manager, had filed a now-outdated copy of the actor's will naming him as the executor, but that's a moot point now.

Price claims she was Gary's common law wife and sole heir according to what she says is his handwritten 2007 will, written a week after they wed.

Kester says ask a judge to issue an immediate restraining order against Shannon Price, who is “invading Gary’s home and disposing of his property.”

“She has no right to his things." The lawyer notes that he and Gray would not object to Price removing her own personal items, but this is different.

"But she has taken all his personal papers, evidence and other belongings. That is completely disrespectful and a further indication of her objectives.”

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Shannon Price took her unresponsive ex-husband Gary Coleman off of life support on May 28, with his cause of death officially listed as simply "Fall."

However, in 2006, Coleman specifically directed in legal documents that he didn't want anyone to pull the plug on him if he was ever in that situation.

Those documents, ironically, were filed by Shannon Price herself, as she makes an effort to be granted control over the disposition of Gary's remains.

Among the documents filed in court by Price, who Coleman divorced in 2008, is a health care power of attorney letter which Gary filled out in 2006. 

Under the heading "Instructions for Health Care," Coleman checked a box titled "Choice to Prolong Life" which states that "I want my life to be prolonged as long as possible within the limits of generally accepted health care standards."

The other option - "Choice Not to Prolong Life" - was not checked off.

Gary Coleman's former wife Shannon Price may not be a complete POS, but she hasn't done much to convince us of this with her conduct in the last couple of weeks.

Shannon Price was, legally, in control of Gary's medical decisions at the time of his death - but did she defy his wishes by taking him off life support?

In the documents, and in the interviews she shamelessly shopped (along with that death photo), Shannon has said she was "forced" to pull the plug.

She did not elaborate on why it was "forced," and while she may very well have felt that way, it would be hard for the girl to appear less sympathetic.

In a newly released 911 call - four months prior to the Gary Coleman 911 call regarding his ultimately fatal fall in May - Price was pretty nonchalant.

"Yeah, he's suicidal." That's how Price described Gary to an operator earlier this year, complaining that he was "humiliating me in front of my friend."

Local police later showed up and arrested Gary on a warrant for failure to appear in court for a 2009 domestic violence incident ... involving Price.

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As his ex-wife, manager, family members and possible mystery heir grapple for control of his estate, Gary Coleman' official cause of death has been released.

According to the death certificate, obtained by ET, Coleman's cause of death is listed simply as a "Fall." The actor was hospitalized after a fall at home in May.

Other significant conditions are listed as "Chronic renal failure and complications."

Gary had kidney problems all his life, and the aggressive treatment they required contributed to him reaching his adult height of 4'8" at the age of just 14.

The manner of death is recorded as "Accident." Some, including former manager Dion Mial, have suggested foul play was involved, but that looks unlikely.

R.I.P. Gary Coleman (1968-2010).

Interestingly, Coleman's awful ex-wife, Shannon Price, is listed as his spouse, even though they never remarried after divorcing, then reconciling in 2008.

She is also listed as the "informant," given that she placed the Gary Coleman 911 call. She didn't care to drive Gary to the hospital, but hey, she called.

The autopsy was completed amid controversy surrounding his ex. If you saw Shannon Price in the Cause of Death box, would you have been shocked?

In control of Gary's estate for now, despite another will leaving it all to Anna Gray, Price plans to scatter his ashes around trains. He really liked trains.

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Shannon Price's people must me working overtime.

A new clip has surfaced of Gary Coleman and his then-wife from their never-aired 2008 reality show pilot, and the focal point is their "true" and "unconditional" love.

In the previous clip that leaked last week, Gary pretty much called Shannon a money-grubbing leech. They also divorced right around the time the pilot was filmed.

But no matter. The new footage shows Coleman proclaiming his goal is "to keep Shannon Price in my life," as she "will always be more important than anything."

Except for Anna Gray, to whom he left his estate.

TRUE LOVE: Shannon Price would like you to think so, anyway.

Coleman's ex-wife, with whom he was living but never remarried following their 2008 divorce, has been shamelessly trying to cash in on his tragic May 28 death.

Not only has she made a legal play for his estate, citing her status as his common law wife, but she wasted little time shopping interviews - and even worse.

We realize he's gone and a girl's gotta get paid, but hawking a Gary Coleman death photo to the Globe was one of the most shameless, evil moves we can recall.

We doubt Gary would be gushing about his unbridled passion for her right now if he were around to see what she's done since he passed away. Just saying.

You can watch the video here.

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Take that, Shannon Price.

According to reports, a third Gary Coleman will has recently surfaced and it names Anna Gray, not Price, as the executor and sole beneficiary of his estate.

Price, Gary Coleman's ex-wife, has been scrambling like a madwoman to cash in on Coleman's May 28 death and make a play for control of the actor's estate.

She could be SOL now, her deplorable efforts wasted. But who is this Anna Gray and why did Gary leave her in charge of all his assets and possessions?

Coleman's agent, Robert Malcom, tells ET Gray became close friends with the child star after meeting him in 1997, and stayed at his home for months.

Later, she was named the CEO of Gary's corporation. Once the actor met Shannon Price, they relocated to Utah in 2005. Coleman married Price in 2007.

A new will suggests Gary Coleman had a mystery heir.

"When Shannon moved in, the relationship got difficult because Shannon didn't like the fact that there was somebody else in his life," Malcom tells ET.

"Of course, he sided with [Shannon], and Anna was asked to leave."

Coleman divorced Shannon Price a year later and they never remarried, although they reconciled and continued to live together until his death last month.

Claiming she was his common law wife, Price says she should inherit and control everything. The leech already sold a Gary Coleman death photo for profit.

In the 23-page will, Coleman states that he wishes "to be cremated and that there be no funeral service, wake, or ceremony memorializing my passing."

Noticeably absent from the will? Ex-wife Price, who he had not yet married when the will was written, and his estranged parents, Sue and Willie Coleman.

In the 911 call, Price said she didn't wanna be traumatized. Imagine the trauma she'll face if the will is legitimized and subverts her money-grubbing ways.

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Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price was motivated by money alone. The former child star himself said as much to the girl's face - and on video.

In 2008, around the time Gary and Shannon were divorcing, the two were filming a TV show pilot. It's unclear what show, but it wasn't picked up.

Clips have been unearthed, however, and show Gary unloading on Shannon Price in front of a life coach. "All you care about is the money," he says.

He goes on to bitterly complain he's been forced to take jobs he hated to support her ... going to places he loathed, including Madison, Wisconsin.

Why the hatred of that city, we have no idea. But the coach tells Gary he needs a job, STAT, and even offered to hook him up at a car dealership.

Gary Coleman had Shannon Price pegged.

Fast forward to 2010. Coleman died in May, and Price's behavior has been nothing short of deplorable as she makes move after move to cash in.

As if hawking the Gary Coleman death photo weren't bad enough, Price filed legal documents angling for control of whatever assets he has left.

Shannon wants to be named special administrator of Gary's estate on grounds she was his common-law wife, having lived with him for five years.

Additionally, she has submitted to the court a handwritten document purportedly from Gary making her the sole beneficiary of his entire estate.

In what she claims is a handwritten addendum written by Gary Coleman in 2007, Shannon says he named her "sole heir of any and all monies."

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Dion Mial, the former manager of Gary Coleman, is willing to flat out say what many people are secretly thinking - his death was not the result of an accident.

"I wholeheartedly believe there was foul play here," Mial told Radar Online.

The 42-year-old died in May after falling and suffering a brain hemorrhage. He was hospitalized and eventually pulled off life support by his ex-wife Shannon Price.

Price has come under fire from many of the actor's friends and associates and friends for her behavior during and after his hospitalization and tragic passing.

Selling that Gary Coleman death photo was the final straw.

Gary Coleman and Dion Mial many years ago.

Mial is the executor of Coleman’s 1999 will, which may or may not be valid (another, more recent will has surfaced in recent days but has not been made public).

Executor or not, Dion has no qualms about sharing his thoughts on Price: “The picture that Shannon took in the hospital is much worse than people can see.”

"There is nothing covert about her behavior and how she handled this. There are criminal intentions relative to Gary’s death,” Dion added but did not elaborate.

Price, whose odd behavior began with her nonchalant 911 call after Coleman's fall, has blamed Mial for her inability to afford the house she shared with Gary.

She has continued to shop around interviews, asking up to $50,000, and in the interviews, has adamantly denied responsibility for Coleman's fall and death.

This is strange, as no one accused Shannon Price of anything, other than being a terrible person (before Mial's quotes). All of this begs a disturbing question:

Did she want Coleman dead, and somehow engineer it?

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