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Dion Mial, the former manager of Gary Coleman, is willing to flat out say what many people are secretly thinking – his death was not the result of an accident.

“I wholeheartedly believe there was foul play here,” Mial told Radar Online.

The 42-year-old died in May after falling and suffering a brain hemorrhage. He was hospitalized and eventually pulled off life support by his ex-wife Shannon Price.

Price has come under fire from many of the actor’s friends and associates and friends for her behavior during and after his hospitalization and tragic passing.

Selling that Gary Coleman death photo was the final straw.

Gary Coleman and Dion Mial many years ago.

Mial is the executor of Coleman’s 1999 will, which may or may not be valid (another, more recent will has surfaced in recent days but has not been made public).

Executor or not, Dion has no qualms about sharing his thoughts on Price: “The picture that Shannon took in the hospital is much worse than people can see.”

“There is nothing covert about her behavior and how she handled this. There are criminal intentions relative to Gary’s death,” Dion added but did not elaborate.

Price, whose odd behavior began with her nonchalant 911 call after Coleman’s fall, has blamed Mial for her inability to afford the house she shared with Gary.

She has continued to shop around interviews, asking up to $50,000, and in the interviews, has adamantly denied responsibility for Coleman’s fall and death.

This is strange, as no one accused Shannon Price of anything, other than being a terrible person (before Mial’s quotes). All of this begs a disturbing question:

Did she want Coleman dead, and somehow engineer it?