Shannon Price Refuses to Shut Up and Go Away

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For someone who claims he loved her so much, Gary Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price seems bent on making sure the actor does not rest in peace.

She's now saying she was cheated out of saying a final goodbye to the Diff’rent Strokes star, whose died May 28 and who was just cremated in Utah.

“She wanted to be there,” says Shielia Erickson, a rep for Price, noting that they found out about the cremation hours after it had already happened.

At the very least, Shielia says they should have been notified of the time, “even if we were saying a prayer at the time ... It’s sad she didn’t know.”

So true ... she could've gotten one more Gary Coleman death photo.

PAY THE PRICE: Shannon wants to make sure people do for all things Gary.

In the weeks since Gary passed, Price has lamented the loss of her precious paycheck partner. Erickson says “Shannon was hugging a picture of Gary last night.”

Probably while on the phone to the News of the World.

Shannon has been at the center of growing controversy since that day in May when he fell and hit his head, and Shannon called 911 but left him alone, bleeding.

Her reasoning? She didn't want to be traumatized.

In the hospital she took photos of him on his deathbed, which were later sold and although she denies profiting from them ... how would that possibly be true?!

Shannnon also took Coleman off life support even though he had signed a medical document saying he wished to prolong life, i.e. not have the plug pulled.

Now she’s fighting for his estate with Anna Gray, his ex-girlfriend and the executor of his 2005 will, which surfaced this week and many say will be validated.

Price alleges she was Gary's common law wife and thus entitled to everything he had. His estate could be lucrative due to residuals, and a battle is looming.

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