Gary Coleman to Judge: Keep Shannon Price the Hell Away From Me!

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Gary Coleman secretly took out a restraining order against ex-wife Shannon Price just months before she took him off life support, according to reports.

Hospitalized at the time, the actor worried what his greedy, money-grubbing leech of a former spouse would do "while she is trespassing in my home."

Coleman writes that Price "has shown a tendency to damage, destroy and steal my property and I believe she will continue to do so in my absence."

The 42-year-old former child star was granted the restraining order by a Utah court on February 19, but never ended up serving it on Shannon Price.

Gary died May 28 after suffering a fall a few days earlier and incurring severe brain trauma. Price made the decision to take the star off life support.

Not before taking photos on his deathbed to sell for profit, of course.

Why get a restraining order, then not use it? Gary's former agent, Robert Malcolm, explains: "The dynamics of their relationship were very unhealthy."

"He knew he needed to break away so he made sure she was not allowed in his home, but then he had feelings for her even though she was abusive."

"So he eventually allowed her back into his home."

Nevertheless, his affidavit seeking the restraining order shows not only the volatility of his relationship with Price but his fear of her vindictiveness.

"I believe if she is given any warning of this pending order to require her to immediately vacate the home, she will cause more damage and destroy more irreplaceable memorabilia, documents, personal papers and other such valuables," he writes.

"I therefore ask the Court to issue this order requiring her removal and restraining her from going upon the premises under any circumstances."

Malcolm has been highly critical of Shannon Price.

"Shannon knew how to get what she wanted, and he tried to give her everything to make her happy," he said. "She was incredibly jealous of his fame, she was a nobody, and didn't like to be known as a nobody, so now she is having a ball."


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