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Giuliana Rancic is opening up about her late friend Joan Rivers in a new interview, and weighing in on the future of their popular E! show Fashion Police.

"It was the shock of a lifetime, it really was," the 40-year-old host said of her longtime colleague. "I had just seen Joan 48 hours before her procedure."

"We were taping the Emmy Fashion Police show," Rancic added, "and she was honestly better than ever and she even looked better than ever at 81."

  • Giuliana Rancic Sexy
  • Joan Rivers in Mink

Joan Rivers died earlier this month, one week after she stopped breathing while undergoing an outpatient procedure on her vocal cords on August 28.

Rancic recalled complimenting the trailblazing, sharp-tongued comedienne just before her surgery, noting that Joan Rivers didn't take flattery well.

"She wasn't one to ever take a compliment, but she didn't say 'Stop it' that day ... she just kind of smiled and said, 'Thank you,'" Rancic explained.

"I'll never forget that, that moment," she said, given the events that followed. "When this all happened, that was one of the first things I thought about."

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The reportedly imminent Avril Lavigne-Chad Kroeger divorce after just 14 months of marriage either came as a total shock to fans or the complete opposite.

Some fans have been quick with the "told you so" reactions online, though it's unclear if the two are actually splitting or just going through a rough patch.

Avril Lavigne, Chad Kroeger Pic

The newlywed phase is totally over, however, despite Chad publicly claiming it never would be and gifting her a huge diamond ring on their first anniversary.

The couple is reportedly fighting around the clock, and she's said to be "over it." The primary reason among many? They disagree on having kids!

“They are arguing for a lot of reasons right now,” a friend of Lavigne’s says. “She wants a baby and he doesn't right now because he's about to go on tour.”

But that isn’t the only reason. By a long shot.

"Avril does not trust Chad at all and she has good reason not to," says the insider. "He allegedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend with Avril and left her."

”She has major trust issues about it.”

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Reality star Tamra Barney's salary has been revealed - at least her salary, according to her bitter ex-husband - and it's a lot more than you might think.

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  • Simon Barney Mug Shot

According to court documents, The Real Housewives of Orange County star is raking in roughly $600,000 per year to stir the pot and meddle on Bravo.

Given the ratings she brings in, it's obviously worth it for the network, making you wonder if you'll ever see Tamra Barney fired. But that's another story.

Tamra's finances, along with her estranged relationship with her daughter, are the subject of much contention as she battles Simon Barney in court.

Simon says he makes $120,000 per year as a sales consultant, most of which goes to personal expenses, while his ex-wife earns roughly $50,000 a month.

Daughter Sidney lives with him “100% of the time,” he claims, adding to his fiscal burden, while Sidney's texts to Tamra reveal the state of that relationship.

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Step off, Nicki Minaj. Or at least take a step back and nod approvingly, 'cause Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea are giving "Anaconda" a run for its money.

The O.G. "Booty" queen is back with an outrageously sexy song by that name, featuring and co-starring the equally curvaceous rapper Iggy Azalea.

Check out the official "Booty" music video below ... but probably not if you're in a public place. Things get a little hot and steamy. Okay, a lot hot and steamy.

In a fast-paced montage of butt shots, Lopez and Azalea are sure to have tongues wagging with their insane displays of gyrating, jiggling and Twerking.

Seriously, is this a music video or a late-night Cinemax offering?

Despite a two-decade age-difference, Lopez, 45 and Azalea, 24, hold their own with one another, hugging and caressing each other in the insane video.

Iggy Iggs even gives J. Lo's booty a friendly smack at one point, no doubt leading many fans to wonder what an Iggy Azalea sex tape might be like.

Don't answer that, Jefe Wine.

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Maroon 5 rocker and The Voice coach Adam Levine is straight up amped about contestant Luke Wade in a sneak peek from the Season 7 premiere of the NBC hit.

So much so, he channels his inner Tom Cruise, with Wade his Katie Holmes.

Levine, 35, couldn't help but get up and stand on his swiveling spaceship chair before the contestant even had a chance to hit the song's closing notes.

Safe to say that Adam hit his buzzer, along with his three other celebrity coaches.

"I only wish I could be higher up!" Adam says. "I want to swing from the rafters!

"I want to sing from the mountaintops!"

Leave it to his BFF Blake Shelton to knock him down about 10 pegs with a classic retort: "That's because you are high right now. Sit down and let us talk."

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On the Dating Naked Season 1 finale, we were treated to both a wedding celebration and a de facto greatest hits episode of sorts from the VH1 show.

Ashley Fonda and Alika Medeiros, having started dating naked earlier this season, are about to tie the knot, and that means a TV wedding, obviously.

Naked. "Being naked in the ceremony allows the interconnectedness to flourish a lot more than when you're clothed during the ceremony," we're told.

Indeed, this is what happens when you go on a show called Dating Naked; Ashley Fonda and Alika Medeiros' family and friends are not as impressed.

There's also some naked yoga, naked drum circling, naked spin the bottle, you get the idea. At least there is no doubt as to the theme of the program.

Not everyone is living in this kind of nude utopia, however. While Marissa and Steven attend the wedding, their love seems to be crumbling, and fast.

A big reason for this? Marissa seems to not like Steven much. That'll do it.

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Breaking Amish is back for a new season, and Thursday night, the TLC reality series introduced us to four new cast members looking to find their place in the world.

On Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 1, we met the following:

Breaking Amish Season Three Cast Pic
  • Matthias, a Bulgarian man who was adopted into an Amish family.
  • Bates, who wants to pursue a career his community won't allow.
  • Miriam, shunned when she announced a pregnancy out of wedlock.
  • Barbie, a preacher’s daughter from a strict Kentucky community.
  • Vonda, who lives at home with her parents and works two jobs.

For Matthias and Bates, Breaking Amish is all about chasing their artistic dreams of mainstream acting and country music. They do seem to have talent.

Vonda and Barbie are less connected to their communities when we first meet them. Vonda works at a hotel and goes to the tanning bed on the sly.

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Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul got engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise season finale, but is there already trouble in paradise for the attractive duo?

Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul Pic

Recent reports suggest that Marcus is dating around after proposing to Lacy. Could this revelation spell the end of their whirlwind romance and engagement?

The other woman in Marcus’ life, allegedly, is Sydney Rae James, who insiders claim assumed that her new beau’s relationship with Lacy was already over.

Of course, she assumed that, having seen him get engaged on The Bachelor and Bachelorette spinoff on ABC. Why would he ask her out otherwise?

On the flip side ... how could this not have come up!?

On the flip flip side ... it's Bachelor In Paradise. Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul got engaged after like a month. Then they went back to real life.

Crazier assumptions have been made. Just saying.

Says a source who dished on Syd's alleged date:

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Abby Lee Miller can be a difficult human being, and she deals with difficult people all the time in her line of work. So which of her two Lifetime shows is more so?

On her new spin-off, she squares off against studio owners (watch Abby's Studio Rescue online to see the three "patients" she's mentored so far).

Although the reality star finds working with stubborn, incompetent and otherwise challenging studio owners tough, Dance Moms still takes the cake.

In a recent E! interview, she was asked which crew was tougher to deal with. Kelly Hyland alone could have made that decision for her. She said:

“Both, but I would say the dance moms ... that’s one of the conflicts at some of the studios that I visit. [The studio owners] can’t deal with the moms!”

As owner and operator of the Abby Lee Dance Studio, a.k.a. Hell on Earth, Abby clearly understands the role of the dance studio owner, and its perils.

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Are Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry back together?

The former couple reportedly enjoyed an evening out at the movies Tuesday night, fueling speculation that they are rekindling their romantic relationship.

After the film, Harry jumped into a car with his special royal protection officers while Cressida Bonas took a cab home, but they were totes together!

  • Cressida Bonas Photograph
  • Harry, Prince of Wales

At the theater, incidentally, they took in a sex tape film. No, not the Kim Kardashian sex tape, although that's great date night fare. It was just Sex Tape.

You know, starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel.

According to a palace source close to Harry, "they tried hard to blend in" so as not to attract a scene during their casual night out at the movies.

"None of the other cinema-goers seemed to realize," the onlooker said, perhaps because they didn't want to be outed as paying to see that terrible film.

On Sunday, the actress and fomer dance student, 25, attended the finale of Harry's Invictus Games, which Kate Middleton skipped due to illness.

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