Mario Singer and Kasey Dexter Go Public, Ramona Singer Likely Drinking So Much Pinot

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Mere days after reality star Ramona Singer announced that her marriage is broken for good, her estranged husband Mario stepped out with his alleged side piece.

Mario Singer and Kasey Dexter
Does Ramona Know Her Wine?

Mario Singer and Kyle "Kasey" Dexter were both "very flirty" at the Women's Health Party Under the Stars in Bridgehampton, N.Y., Saturday night, People sources say.

The Ramona Singer divorce chatter began back in January after she reportedly caught Mario cheating with Kasey Dexter. But it was never confirmed.

The couple, parents to 19-year-old daughter Avery, reconciled shortly after, seemingly putting to rest all the reports of tumult within their marriage.

"All marriages hit bumps, some bigger than others," The Real Housewives of New York City star said in April. "We have a history of 25 years together."

"We have been very happy and still are."

How quickly things change for the beloved, crazy-eyed Bravolebrity, who Tweeted personally that it was all over, while trying to sound optimistic.

Thursday, she confirmed, "I have decided to move on with my life without Mario. I tried my best to make my marriage work. I am excited for the new chapter in my life."

The driving force behind Singer's abrupt about face? Mario allegedly stepping out with Dexter again, spurning Ramona and leaving her no other choice.

Given that he's now going public with her (hey, no reason to hide it now), we're guessing that the two have been in a relationship for some time.

Either way, it's all over for the longtime couple, for better or worse.

We'll have to watch The Real Housewives of New York City online to see if this plays out on TV, or if Ramona puts the kibosh on that like she did at the reunion.

DO NOT ask her about her personal life, ANDY.


I think Ramona has been delusional for years - at least for as long as I've watched Housewives. I always wondered how she managed to keep Mario. The ONLY person I feel sorry for is Avery - she seems like such a smart young woman. This must hurt her terribly! Shame on both of her parents!


Ramona is Ramona but this Kasey person will get what's coming to her and Mario will end up a broken old fool. It's turtle time!!!


Go Ramona! Mario is a creep and you will find someone much better for sure. You deserve it!


"We are together and I want this shut down, NOW!" What a CROCK,m you crazy b*tch!


Now what would really make the ratings go up on this show would be to hire the girl friend as a housewife. I would watch that for sure.


She finally realizes that her marriage is over? HE dumped her it seems a good while ago. The crazy "wedding vow renewal" was a farce & her friends knew it. When Mario & Ramona were dining at a street side café in NYC, Mario paid no attention to Ramona's line of babble, he was eyeing up every young thing that walked past their table.
This young lady is 25 years younger than Mario, young enough to be his daughter, but that's what he was apparently looking for...does the name Anna Nicole Smith ring a bell? Together Ramona & Mario's net worth is some 18 million plus the house in the Hamptons & the NYC condo....they share True Faith Jewelry & Mario also has his family's "metal's business" that makes trophies & Ramona has her own business. They'll both need good divorce lawyers to work all this mess out. I feel so very sorry for their daughter Avery who seems more mature than any of her douche parents. That young lady has class & it was be horrifically embarrassing to see your OWN mother drug most of the time & your father chasing after a young girl in front of everyone.


Ramona let him go, that young lady will live him soon, then he will come to you like a dog with the tail between his leg asking to take him back. Then you kick his balls and let him know how that heart.


Mario is 60 and Kasey is 32. Thought she'd be younger.........the typical trade in the old model for a newer one. And as grandma said, "Any man can find a w***e." Do hope the two swines wallow with all their little imperious Hamptons friends and Ramona can move on and get over this public humiliation.


Couldn't happen to better person! Hahahaha, Ramona, how does it feel? What comes around goes around and you should have been a decent human being to your "friends" when they were having marital problems instead of being the gossiping witch that you are!


I really sympathize with Ramona, she probably believed all things would work out, so sorry for her. Note to hubby, that young thing will not be changing your bed pan!

@ Beauty 301

No worries, sadly Ramona has been drowning her sorrows in many bottles of Pinot.

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