Ramona Singer: Divorce Back On! Husband Caught Cheating with Kasey Dexter Again!

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It's about to be all over between Ramona Singer and her husband Mario.

Again. For real this time!

Back in January, Singer filed for divorce amidst rumors that longtime hubby Mario cheated on her with 32-year-old personal trainer Kasey Dexter.

Three months later, however, Ramona had a change of heart and they reconciled. They even went on vacation together in June, though they got drunk and argued the entire time.

Ramona and Mario Singer

But Life & Style reports that the reality star caught Mario with Dexter AGAIN on July 24 and “the divorce is back on,” according to a friend.

Perhaps that's why she was so testy and adamant about not discussing the issue on last night's Real Housewives of New York City reunion special.

"She packed up all his belongings and left them in the hallway outside his friend’s apartment,” an insider tells the magazine. “She’s so angry she can’t look at him or talk to him."

Well... yeah. Assuming this rumor is true, we do understand.

You shouldn't cheat on your spouse once, let alone twice.

On July 27, meanwhile, an onlooker spotted the 59-year-old Mario holding hands with Dexter and kissing her in Montauk, New York. That bastard!

Let's hope Ramona takes him for everything he's worth! And then some! And that they show this play out on Bravo instead of her clamming up about it.


Her own ego and self importance pushed him away... that ego is a needy ego always needs to be first and foremost with a nasty temper to boot. Surprised he lasted this long... she's an embarrasment!


Oh please take him for al he's worth. He deserves a medal for sticking it out with a drunk that has no filter or class for all these years.


Ramona is getting exactly what she deserves! She has to be one of the rudest, nastiest people on the face of the earth.

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