Derick Dillard and Aaron Rodgers: Celebrity Look-Alike Alert!

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One is a reality star and newlywed.

The other is a quarterback and Super Bowl champion.

On the surface, Derick Dillard and Aaron Rodgers would appear to have very little in common. But, ironically, it's on the surface that these two have tons in common...

... because they look exactly alike!

Dilard pic
Aaron Rodgers Photo

Seriously, compare the 19 Kids and Counting star with the Green Bay Packers All-Pro below and see if you can even tell them apart. Can you?

(Hint: That is Dillard, impending father of Jill Duggar's baby, on the left; Rodgers is on the right.)

Eerily similar, aren't they? We wonder which would be funnier to watch, Derick Dillard throwing a football or Rodgers dealing with the craziness of the Duggars.

Alas, we'll probably never find out ... but on the plus side:

Here's a look at other celebrity look-alikes out there!


Compare the photo of Derick Dillard to Matt Wieters (Catcher for the Baltimore Orioles).


Oh lord have mercy!


...........the sissy & the beast!!

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