Last  week, Jill Duggar told family, friends and fans that after years of extensive training, she had finally become a certified midwife.

Jill posted the photo below on her Instagram page, and husband Derick Dillard boasted about her achievement on their family blog:

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Back in June, we learned that Jill and Derick Dillard were leaving the country to perform missionary work in El Salvador.

The new parents were widely praised for their efforts to find a silver lining in the dark cloud of the Josh Duggar sex scandal.

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In the wake of Josh Duggar’s sex scandal, Josh and Jill Dillard are turning to God and prayer.  Surprise!  Or not.

Josh’s sister and brother-in-law claim they are trying to grapple with the family’s fall from grace, and Derick turned to Twitter to "talk" about it.

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Some of the Duggar family's rules for love and life have been well documented, but are nonetheless bizarre (in light of recent events especially), as are some of the things that are specifically forbidden. Like #7 and #8 ...
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