Dance Moms Lawyers Slam Kelly Hyland Lawsuit, File Motion to Dismiss

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Lawyers representing the Lifetime show Dance Moms are annihilating former cast member Kelly Hyland and her lawsuit against the popular program.

Hyland claims she is just an "unsophisticated woman from rural Pennsylvania” who did not know when she signed her contract that it barred her from suing.

However, a lawyer for Collins Avenue Entertainment LLC said she is exactly the opposite, a “savvy” woman understood exactly what deal she signed.

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If you watch Dance Moms online, you know Hyland is suing the show and its main star, Lee Miller, the dance studio shot-caller and show matriarch.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Ruth Kwan stated she was inclined to toss out Hyland’s claim that Miller defamed her in the aftermath of an episode last year.

Defense attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the case under California’s anti-SLAPP law protecting free speech. But attorneys representing Hyland argued otherwise.

They claim their clients were not properly compensated and that the contract between them and the series was unfairly slanted in favor of the production company.

Attorney Kelli Sager, on behalf of Collins, said Hyland was paid for every episode on which she appeared, and that simply, "is the deal she signed.”

“She’s just unhappy she was not on every week,” Sager said.

Sager said Hyland is “very sophisticated and savvy” and that the Hylands are “not a poor, rural Appalachian family” as they claim in their lawsuit.

Kelly Hyland, on behalf of herself and her daughters, sued Collins and Miller in February, alleging that Abby Lee Miller is a bully and Lifetime encourages it.

During a confrontation (below), her attorneys say that Miller “repeatedly lunged toward Kelly, gnashing her teeth and loudly attempting to bite Kelly.”

Then, according to the filing, Hyland “in self-defense, slapped Miller and pulled Miller’s head away from her to avoid being bitten.” Is she telling the truth?

See the scuffle for yourself above.


The sad thing is everything is documented. Abby constantly lies. She is horrible to the girls. Well except her favorite. I know it is only a reality show but I have gotten where I skip to the dance competition and the awards. What is the point in demeaning a little girl. She talks about them making decisions that they are clearly too young to do. For instance tell her mother she is doing dance instead of school. Woman get a life and off lifetime.


flabby miller should be dumped off the television and not be allowed to work with children ever again. She is a brutal witch and a liar, a cheat, a bully, oh and lets not forget thief from when she stole money from a fund the parents at her excuse for a dance studio had set up. Dumb butt got caught. She was so unbelievably cruel to Kelly's daughter Paige, like when she told Kelly to take Paige to a doctor to see if she was retarded or not. Abby also has a very un-natural obsession with the brat Maddie. People should take bets on wether or not Abby is a pedophile. She now seems to have her sights on a sweet little girl named Sarah. Abby is fit for one thing jail.


The show and her royal fatness need to be canned. This is bullying at its worst. Save your tears for the pillow......


I like Kelly and her kids I think Abby is a bully and to Abby mentally abuses the kids and the mothers. I hope Kelly sues and
alot of money maybe that is what it will take to get Abby to come back to reality cause she thinks she is a superstar but she isn't she is just a fat person looking stupid screaming at kids

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