Pit Bulls Snuggle in Animal Shelter, Await Adoption, Go Viral

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The photo of two homeless Pit Bull mixes befriending each other while awaiting adoption at Fulton County Animal Services has gone viral.

And it's easy to see why.

The dogs (named Kyra and Delaware) didn't know each other before they were picked up as strays, but they "like to cuddle together [and] sleep together," according to says the shelter's adoption screener, Kim Meek.

Although this image has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter, the canines are yet to find a permanent home. Let's all hope and pray that changes soon...

Homeless Pit Bulls

As evidenced by this adorably heartbreaking picture - and this one of gay dads welcoming their baby into the world - love clearly comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and species.

Sorry. We're gonna need a few minutes here...

Sad Golden Retriever
Studies have proven that it is physically impossible for human beings to say no to a dog when it makes this face.

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these future-owners of the dogs are such dangerous people, hahahahahahahahahahaha.