Nicki Minaj Throws Shade at Iggy Azalea on Twitter: "Racism is Alive and Well!"

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The Nicki  Minaj-Iggy Azalea feud has been going on since before Iggy hit the big time. It al started when a then-unknown Azalea suggested that Nicki was lying when she claimed she wasn't lip syncing during an awards show performance.

There have been more or less constant back and forth subtle disses ever since. Nicki fired some of the most recent shots last month when she mocked Iggy at the BET Awards, and hinted that the Aussie rapper doesn't write her own rhymes.

Iggy declined to respond (leading many to believe Nicki's claim is true), and it looked for a time as though the beef might be over.

But Nicki is apparently not one to let sleeping dogs lie, and she let loose on Twitter earlier today with a barrage of tweets that many are interpreting as shots at Iggy:

"Racism is alive and well," Nicki began. "Some people have to put in work. Others get to cut corners. We see it but don't say it. Welcome to the real world. Continue to strive for GREATNESS."

While she never mentions Iggy by name, the implication seems pretty clear. 

Allegations that Iggy Azalea is racist have plagued the rapper throughout her brief career.

Couple that with the fact that Nicki and other rappers have previously claimed that Iggy's career is a result of record execs showing preferential treatment to white hip hop artists (allowing them to "cut corners"), and there's little doubt that Nicki is throwing subtle shade at Iggy.

Will Azalea respond this time or simply taking Nicki's burns lying down? We'll keep you posted.

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hang it up, flat screen - old nicki fan

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Well the great thing about gossip is that it usually is false. The "implication seems pretty clear"? This site continues to lose any credibility whatsoever. The only possible way this may be accurate is if people actually open their eyes and notice that Iggy is being forcefed by the media so a WHITE female can be dominant over a BLACK female. I stand by what I say and it is completely true and proven. Play a song 1000 times a day and of course people will remember it. Unlike Nicki Minaj's polarizing lyrics, the only thing people can recognize from the Fancy single is the chorus by Charli XCX. I'll choose Nicki any day over Iggy. Iggy will be the next Asher Roth, believe me.

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@ harold altagracia

What makes me upset they can overlook iggys racist tweets but run a false article claiming nicki is throwing shade. Smh nicki was talking about the cops who killed the man in front of his family this world us so much iggy is an Australian kesha y would nicki throw shade

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