Jessica Simpson: Drunk Night Out Caught on Tape!

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Jessica Simpson may have lost 65 pounds as a result of her admirable self-discipline, but that doesn't mean the mother of two has forgotten how to party. 

The Weight Watchers spokeswoman looked more like Messica as she left a Hollywood club last night so hammered she had to be practically carried to her car by fiance Eric Johnson:

Jessica's recent weight loss photos show the singer looking better than ever, but all that dieting has apparently wreaked havoc on her tolerance and made her a lightweight in more ways than one.

When Jess attempts a slurred response to the paparazzo's questions, her entourage ushers her away from the scene, and her driver even delivers an emergency bag of In-N-Out Burger. We should all have such a Drunkenness Response Team!

Of course, if Jess keeps up the habit of boozy benders and late-night fast food binges, she won't be enjoying that trim figure for long. 

Jessica is set to marry Johnson in less than a month, with the ceremony to take place on July 4th. What a time to fall off the diet wagon!

Hopefully, Jessica will get back into fitness mode soon. We've been enjoying the sight of her slimmed-down selfies as much as she's enjoyed posting them. 

Jessica Simpson Bikini Photo
Okay yeah. That's one insane shot of Jessica Simpson's boobs.

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Who's Jessica Simpson? But she does have nice tits.


Never have liked her.She plays with no sense in her blonde head.Her family should be embrassed to have a flake for a daughter.


Thats the reason Tony Romo dumped her. She is a slush drunk!!. She gets falling down drunk everywhere he took her. He got too embarrassed to be with her. Fun times to have . Sucks in the long term!!!!


She probably didn't realize that she can't drink as much now that she's lost weight. She could probably really knock 'em back when she was heavier without getting too loaded. Plus, you HAVE TO eat if you are going to be drinking.


Rick~ Your gaydar is on. You wish you have half the life she has.


She's awful


gma just had an article with a much nicer story....
'On Monday night, the singer, 33, and her former NFL player beau, 34, threw a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party on the rooftop of the Eveleigh restaurant in L.A.
"Everyone had so much fun celebrating Jessica and Eric," a source told ABC News. "Dinner was great, there were a bunch of touching toasts and then everyone went dancing!"
Simpson's mother, Tina, kicked things off with a speech about her daughter and son-in-law-to-be, and then friends from both sides toasted the happy couple. Meanwhile, appetizers including Brussels sprouts, fried artichokes, truffle fries and salad kept everyone sated until the dinner was served: a family-style meal of chicken, meatballs, steak and veggies.'
sooooooo, for cryin' out loud, get the story straight & let her have some fun without ruining it for her!!!!


Good Lord----leave the girl alone! Most of us have been there---and those who have NEVER done something like this need to grow a sense of humor and get off their high horse.


She is still young, still wants to have fun once in a while and is a normal human being. LEAVE HER ALONE!


Damn leave her alone she had a few too many oh well most of us have been there. Plus she's basically been pregnant for two years straight so she probably has no tolerance and she's getting married in a few weeks. Let the girl have some fun without picking on her. Oh and he was far from "practically carrying" her to the car she was walking arm and arm with him and not hanging all over him or being carried at all. I've seen way way worse.