English Bulldog Meets Daughter for First Time, Complete Cuteness Ensues

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Father's Day. It's not just for human beings anymore.

In a video that's capturing the hearts of Internet users everywhere, an English Bulldog named Chaucer meets his puppy girl for the first time.

The two are situated on a couch, with dad initially unsure what to do with daughter.

But after a couple minutes pass, he begins to gently paw and play with her... and we begin to lose our collective minds. In the most adorable way possib.e


It's not unusual for a bulldog to be cute (see this little guy who refuses to go to sleep).

Or for a bulldog to act as a protective parents... even to kids that clearly are not his own.

To wit:

Adorable Animal Family
This bulldog is named Hammie. He has become the adoptive, protective parent of a litter of kittens.

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