Lorde Disses Beyonce: I Don't Need an Alter-Ego to be Confident!

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Lorde is one of our favorite up-and-coming pop stars, but it seems like sudden fame is beginning to go to the 17-year-old singer's head.

During a recent interview with Stylist magazine, Lorde made a comment that some have taken as a shot at living legend and noted fight spectator Beyonce. 

"Having been on the road and performing for the better part of a year, it's easier for me to not have to step into some alter-ego or split personality," said Lorde. "I don't feel like when I walk on stage I have to be woken up. I'm confident I'm there the whole time."

The comment has been interpreted as a subtle diss because Beyonce famously does rely on an alter ego named Sasha Fierce when she performs on stage. 

Ms. Fierce was apparently not on hand during the now-infamous Jay Z-Solange Knowles fight, during which Queen Bey mostly just stood around looking bored.

Beyonce has not responded to Lorde's alleged insult, and it's unlikely that she ever will. (She's kinda got her own problems these days.)

But even if the ill will on Lorde's part is entirely imagined, this possible beef is still more interesting than the feud between Lorde and Lana Del Rey's dad. We don't know what that was.

Lorde Teen Vogue Cover
Lorde covers the new issue of Teen Vogue. It's a first for the singer.

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What a dishonest headline, female stars are not in a war with each other, they are just each doing their own thing. But jealous talent-less media hacks keep trying to present the female section of the music scene as a huge cat fight. Tyler, just because you can type does not mean you wouldn't be better employed digging post holes by hand.


this is why I'm lorde's fan.......


God these people are retards,she's not even talking about Beyonce "Dipshits!!"