Lana Del Rey's Dad Disses Lorde on Twitter

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And you thought your dad was embarrassing on Twitter.

Ad account executive Rob Grant - who also happens to be the father of Lana Del Rey - has launched a bizarre Twitter offensive against Lorde, whom he clearly regards as a rival of Lana's.

When a friend tweeted to Grant that Lana's forthcoming album is "addictive," Rob replied, "More addictive than Pure Heroine," referring to Lorde's debut release. In all likelihood, Grant then dislocated his shoulder in an effort to pat himself on the back for his clever pun.

Okay, so it's a pretty mild insult, but it still seems strange that Grant feels it's appropriate to tear down other artists in the name of building up his daughter.

No stranger to feuds with other artists, Lana attacked Lady Gaga in a song that leaked online last summer. 

For his part, Grant has reportedly bankrolled Lana's career and many stage name changes up to this point, so he may feel that disrespecting teenage girls on Twitter is a way of protecting his investment.

The always classy Lorde has yet to respond to Grant's comment but if she decides she needs an old guy to get her back in this fight, she can always call on her new friend George Brett.

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Lorde is such a whiny little thing.


Lorde copied Lana Del Rey's singing style and look. And on top of that, is worse that the original. Honestly, Lana is now the next Lorde when she should have been the first.


can someone tell me how many 2014 billboard nominations Lana Del ray got-as i have not heard yet??

@ allan

Does that even try to be a conclussión for something...?Aas I have heard, talent is not necessarily a synonym for "multiple awards" ^^

@ allan

Well Lana has one for "rock'??!!?? for a 2 year old album LMAO Yeah rock n roll Lana and Lorde has 12 cause she's a genius


All Lorde said was lana and other artists sing about stuff that isn't relevant to her or people she hangs out with. She then added that lana isn't a good role model for young girls which you have to agree with cause all she sings about is getting beaten up by her boyfriends, drinking, smoking and her love of diamonds, she's pretty shallow really and dissent even know what she sings about she's had an easy life she's just trying to be cool.


All you little stupid bitches think that Lana and Rob are the bad ones now when that sewer rat of a singer called "lorde" thinks she can bash every single artist (including lana)? Lordes the one that first said that Lana's songs are irrelevant and not good enough (mental health wise) for young people to be listening to. First of all, lordes songs don't even have a clear ending or clear beginning and none of the lyrics make sense. robs just trying to protect his daughter indirectly and you guys take it up the ass. Everyone knew it was a joke and everyone had a good laugh about it. Don't make it a bigger deal than it really is. Fucking stupid.


Ok she ( lorde ) is the one talking shit about any artist and she cant take a little silly commnet ? and its not even hate, its more like lana's dad is saying lorde album was awesome and lana's is gonna be much better. i am a lana del rey fan big time and also like lorde's music ( not her persona ) and its ok for a teen girl to talk shit about everyone but its not ok to say her album is not the best ? he didnt even call her irrevelant as lorde called lana's music.


Im pretty sure lorde fired multiple (Lethal) shots on lana back in late 2013.. Do your damn research.


Um excuse me, but Lorde was the one who threw shade at Lana first so before you make remarks of calling her "classy" do your research first before you make a Damn fool of yourself.


He needs to stop living vicariously through his daughter he must be so desperate for the 0.1% of attention he receives through his daughters notoriety, what a sad little family.


An old man picking on a teenager!! what a rat.

@ Art

Literally you're fucking stupid. If you Do your fucking research, you'll see that lorde is the one that bashed every single fucking artist including lana. That 17 year old fucking labrat thinks she can say anything she wants about any artists. She just started her career and she's still a teenager. If she can't handle the fame then why give it to her?

@ Art

It was a compliment and a joke, dumb dumb. Now, please follow this, I don't want you to get lost. 1. It was a compliment because... he said Lorde's Pure Heroine was a addictive. 2. It was a joke (more particularly a pun) because...both Lorde's album and the drug are highly addictive. Of course, because he is LDR's dad he thinks that his daughter's album/songs will be even more addictive (don't most parents think their kids are just the best). Instead, you should be asking why a silly joke between an artist's dad and her fans is being made into news/gossip. Happy to help :)

@ Simm

I don't really care he seems discussing and why are you trying to convince me when I already have my opinion on this. I also don't care what a male who goes around calling women feminazi's thinks. Feminism is about women having equal rights to men, only idiots like you believe it is something other than that, if you have a problem with that basically fuck off. Happy to help you out with your ignorance there.