Kanye West-Kim Kardashian Wedding: How Much Will It Cost?

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Questions continue to abound over the Kim Kardashian wedding scheduled for this Saturday:

Where will it take place? Will it be filmed for Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Who will attend?

And how much will it cost?!?

According to a Radar Online insider, Kim will spend around $2 million on her wedding dress, with Sarah Burton on board to design at least one option.

"No one will see the gown until she walks down the aisle,” the source said, explaining how “there are three gowns that were made just for her and she hasn’t even decided yet between them."

Aside from this fashion selection, Kardashian and West will spend approximately $7 million more on the event overall.

"The two have planned a rehearsal dinner that costs an estimated $650,000," a wedding insider tell the site. "Chefs from around the world are being flown in to prepare dinner for the rehearsal night and the reception dinner after the wedding."

Supposedly Jay Z and Beyonce will also be paid to perform (around $2 million), as long as they are not filmed by E! cameras.

Other rumored costs will include:

  • $6,000 bottles of champagne.
  • A $200,000 fireworks show.
  • $1 million in flowers.
  • $3 million in security.
  • $2,000/plate of food.

But do not cry for Kimye, folks. Nearly all of these expenses will be paid for via sponsorship... and the couple will likely bank an estimated $20 million for themselves just by exchanging vows.


"Where will it take place? Will it be filmed for Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Who will attend? And how much will it cost?!?" Who gives a flying flip!!! I've always thought they had no class and no morals, but that she would have the nerve to STILL wear white after previous marriages, a sex tape and an illegitimate child is TOTALLY repulsive!!!


OMG, stop the presses!
Professional nobody with huge caboose imagines people are interested in her wedding costs.
Who actually watches the professional nobody family?


Yes she is a whore i think everybody knows that, and..... she loves black cock...all the girls in that family love black cock


It is all rumored. THOSE prices are idiotic beside that no matter the price she is still a whore. Also given the fact that it is the American peoople who watch her show and buy her garbage why is she spending or they are spending abroad and not a home to create jobs that are needed Not very patriotic!!! If I was an american I would stop watching immediately but I am not and i DO NOT watch. That's all. mb

@ mboomer

You're right, the prices are idiotic, but both of these clowns have shown how idiotic they are by buying a $15M house that was reputed to be in PERFECT condition and BEAUTIFULLY appointed (by neighbors who have been inside it), only to spend millions more gutting it and rebuilding it on the inside - all while they living with Mommy Dearest because they're homeless during the LONGGG process. It's absurd!!! They're absurd!!! But that they've become famous shows just how totally vacuous society has become in recent years.

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