Justin Bieber: On "Mission to Have Sex with Beautiful Women," Not Selena Gomez

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Traveling the world and cavorting with supermodels, Justin Bieber is reportedly on a mission to have sexual relations with as many beautiful women as he can.

This goal of racking up conquests does not include Selena Gomez, we're told.

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The singer was spotted in France with the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima this week, but apparently that was just the tip of the iceberg.

He's looking for notches on the proverbial bedpost. Preferably hot notches.

“All Justin cares about right now is having as much sex as possible with as many beautiful girls as he can meet,” a source says. “The more famous the better.”

To think, just a month or two ago, they were so tight, with their secret meetups and such, some people were wondering if he got Selena Gomez pregnant.

Clearly, he has a very different agenda when it comes to women now.

Another source allegedly claims that the troubled 20-year-old has made it his mission to "have sex with every single model he can get his hands on."

Justin and Selena recently parted ways after he flirted with Selena’s ex-friends Kendall and Kylie Jenner and began "sewing his wild oats all over the world."

For her part, Selena is fighting to take control of her life and start taking her power back, which apparently means posting hot bikini pics on Instagram.

She shared one such sexy snapshot yesterday, writing, “Taking my power back.. can’t wait to show you where I’ve been. I love y’all. Ps, I still obsess over pickles.”

Just not Bieber's pickle, apparently. And that's likely for the best.

Who knows where that hedonistic thing has been anymore, and he's only getting more indiscriminate. Think Selena can really move on? SHOULD she?

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Dont listen j :) omg there so jel of u my babe haha . You have it all enjoy xxx


Tbh Selena is acting like a whore. I understand she's a woman and all but theirs no self respect. Biber is just ridiculous but people think that nowadays 'growing up' means having sex with every one. Drinking every kind of liquor in the world and posting pics with barely wearing clothes. Did I mention they like to pop Molly, do weed, smoke anything they can find and just get high as hell. Yup that's "growing up" nowadays. idc what happens to JB and Sel but if they ever get Married that wouldn't be a good idea cause we all know their marriage will last probably shorter then Kim K .


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Now that it's out, I can't imagine any single model with self-respect wanting to ride an egotistical spoiled immature little pickle like him.


Who cares about them! It's either their together or not. They are old enough to make their own decisions. He's a sad case and a horrible troubled boy! His mom needs to send him somewhere for help. Selena I think it's in her best interest to stay away from that loser before she gets herself in trouble and catches something from him.


well seems like hes the std collector back then a lot of 20 year olds and above use to get married and stay committed to their wife or husband but now this generation is sooooo slutty and disgusting yeesh bad generation anyone?


how is religion a bad influence for her evil people like you are a bad influence and 20 year olds and above is old enough to get married they just want to be sutty whores in this generation


selena hope u get yur grove back and be strong try dateing someone else apart from jb love u


Media Lies * Hater BS * MONEY * SEX * Hater BS * Media Lies
What a bunch of BS! Who gets married today at 20 or 21 years of age!
A young man bedding a stable of beauties! What is he thinking! Haters lament!
Taylor Swift is 23 going on 40! A bitter old woman! Selena may turn into TS!
Selena needs to get rid of bad influences such as Religion, TS and Family.
Selena needs to wake up, smell the roses and drop the princess attitude now.
Forget the cult following of Bieber Haters who simply can't stand his success.


Perhaps he can do a tattoo notch for every model he sleeps with. That will really make him a big man in the eyes of the world. The worlds also full of models and model wantabes and they like hooking up with musicians. You go Biebs! Keep in mins social diseases can be very unhealthy. Lols

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