The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion FIGHT Sneak Peek: You a Slut From the '90s!

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As The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans likely know already, Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams got into a brawl at the show's reunion special taping.

Now, we have our first sneak preview clip of the melee that went down:

In the sneak peek from Bravo, tensions begin to simmer, then boil over.

Just prior to the Porsha Stewart-Kenya Moore fight, she berates her for bringing props - a megaphone and bejeweled scepter - to the taping.

The former Miss USA snaps back: “I will not have you talk over me!”

Williams then loses her temper and says, "you a slut from the ‘90s!”

“Shut up, you do not have the right to talk,” Moore says, as Williams jumps up and throws her co-star's props to the ground, preparing to strike.

“I’m going to f--k you up!” Porsha yells, getting all up in her face.

Williams beat the s--t of her shortly thereafter. Moore called 911.

Other parts of the altercation we didn't see in the clip above?

“Kenya brought sex toys to the reunion to taunt Porsha about Kordell’s sexuality and she just couldn’t take it anymore,” an eyewitness reports.

“Porsha beat the s--t out of her!" the insider adds. "Porsha was sick of her implying that she was Kordell’s beard and those toys were the last straw."

"Porsha is a skinny thing but she was whopping her butt!”

Security guards immediately tried to break up the fight, which came at the end of a tumultuous night where Phaedra Parks also faced off with Moore.

“You can’t be a housewife 'cause you can’t find a husband,” she says. “I don’t have to look very far 'cause someone’s husband strays,” Moore retorts.

That would be Apollo Nida ... who knows a thing or two about getting into fights himself. Remember that one from earlier this season? We thought so:


That wasn't called for, everyone have been nasty at times. Fake boobs, fake butts and they talk abt each other, oh well. No violence, what we tell our kids walk away or unless they put their hands on you. Porsha wanted to act out she don't know abt the Underground Railroad!!!


Porsha needed to whip her butt, because no one have the right to degrade a person as much as Kenya does and then yell in her face with a microphone. Kenya should to be kick off the show not porsha. How much bull crap can a person take. But my question is why no one did not take the microphone out of her hand, Andy is wrong for letting Kenya disrespect Porsha like that. EVERYONE WANT THE ANGRY BLACK WOMEN, BUT WHEN YOU GET THAT YOU WANT TO KICK PEOPLE OFF THE SHOW. Boycott the show stop watching it if Porsha go.


This Damn women on this show is Sickening. If u can't take shade then don't throw it Porscha. Now it's Kenya fault ur Dumbass couldn't take what Kenya had to say and grabbed Kenya's hair but yet Porscha and Phaedra said all kinds of stuff about Kenya. Kenya should make her Porscha do Jail time. I'm sick of Phaedra Porscha and NeNe


I don't know why anyone on this show would continue to called Kenya a Whore after Phaedra's Husband said on National TV that what he said was in his mind. Kenya never came on to Phaedra's Jailbird Man. Not everyone is Attracted to Criminals. Kenya did the right thing in making the jailbird talk about it again cuz then he told the truth. Phaedra is dumb. Her husband was watching Kenya's Butt on the Mexico trip


You 'all are haters!!!!!!!!!! POOOORSHA. IS A JEALOUS BIMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!


You 'all are haters!!!!!!!!!! POOOORSHA. IS A JEALOUS BIMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lol, For every action there is a reaction .. Kenya has prevoked numerous of these women on rhoa so many times enough is enough, She needs to grow up and sit her tired fake butt down like BADLY !!!! Treat people as you want to be treated !!!!

@ Nia

Porsha just got fake boobs but continue to suggest Kenya butt is fake.Nene had numerous procedures and who know who else added or took away from their bodies, who cares. Porsha not knowing abt the underground railroad, that was just a no no.


I don't feel bad for kenya she got exactly what she deserved in my opinion. I don't agree with physical violence but at the same time I also don't agree instigation either. Kenya always tries to provoke people, and instigate drama, and pick fights, and this time she picked a fight with the wrong person. You can't constantly taunt & provoke someone, and violate their personal space, and then expect to not get a negative reaction out of them.


(ask dinah lohan)


The bottom line is that Kenya should never have been allowed to bring props to the reunion. They should have checked her last year when she brought that fan that Ms. Lawrence encouraged her to use. There needs to be some lines drawn that no one is allowed to cross and that will stop the madness. Get rid of Kenya and I think the show will be better once again. We don't need someone like her who creates drama by telling her delusional fairy tales. Put her on some medication and tell her to have a seat.

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[to Kenya Moore] You best hope nothing happens to me, because you might not have a job. I'm your storyline. I sustain your career . . . I built you, so stop playing games.

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[to Kenya Moore] "You a sneaky, trifling slut."

Phaedra Parks