Lady Gaga to Paparazzi: Photoshop My Pics (No, For Real)!

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Lady Gaga may have sung about the paparazzi early in her career, but from now on she'll only be serenading paps who follow her strict instructions.

According to the New York Post, Gaga has started issuing demands to photo agencies, giving them exclusives in exchange for their promise to Photoshop her pics according to her specifications. 

Photographers at a Gaga event last week were reportedly told to "smooth out her jaw line and thin her arms" as well as "smooth out and thin her legs."

So much for "born this way!" 

Some photographers and event planners are getting fed up, with one coordinator anonymously describing Gaga as a "control freak." 

Others don't seem to mind the demands and are likely grateful for the exclusives. 

Kevin Mazur - a photographer who gained sole rights to photograph Gaga's final show at the Roseland Ballroom - says similar demands aren't all that uncommon.

"It's like any other artist I work with and it's very minimal because we want to get the photos out there right away," said Mazur. "She caters to the paparazzi like no other artist I've seen."

Sounds like someone wants to keep getting those exclusives!

But not every celebrity shares Gaga's view on photo enhancement. Recently, singer Lorde called out a Photoshopped image of herself and tweeted it, along with this message to her fans:

"Be proud of who you are... flaws and all."

Words to live by, and clearly not ones that a lot of people out there take to heart, whether it's celebrity gossip sites or huge companies selling products.

Check out some flagrant Photoshop nightmares below:

Target Photoshop Fail
This might be the worst example of Photoshop in the history of the Internet. Look closely at her crotch.

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I m the fan of ur...


did she ever lie?
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The media who is griping is just jeolous of Lady Gaga, too. She looks great for her age, when Lord who is only a teenager is the one who needs to be photoshopped as she looks fat and dumpy. Everyone is griping to FCC about ABC rigging the show around Lord, and tons of other artists deserved to win instead of her. Everyone is tired of some of the assholes in media rigging stuff and promoting no talent people stalkers, because of Ted being mentally off.