Jon Gosselin: Pissed at Kate Gosselin, Celebrity Apprentice Filming Schedule!

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Kate Gosselin has primary custody of her children with ex-husband Jon Gosselin, something he is far from pleased with given her commitment to Celebrity Apprentice.

Sources close to Jon say that Steve Neild, the bodyguard once used to protect the kids, has reportedly turned into more of a boy toy for Kate these days.

He claims Kate is falling short of her duties and dumps the kids on nannies while she tapes, while she counters that this is because he doesn't step up.

Guess it boils down to which one of the nut jobs you believe.

“Jon has the kids for a few days a week. The custody schedule changes all the time, always depending on Kate’s schedule,” a source told Radar.

“Jon drops them off at the house, and the nanny takes them at the front door. He doesn’t know if Kate is around or not, and doesn’t know her shooting schedule."

"She really keeps Jon in the dark about a lot of things," the source added, "but it’s safe to say Kate was not with them last week, because Jon is.”

But according to Team Kate, that's not what's really going on.

Jon hasn’t stepped up at all while she films the reality TV show, Kate insiders claim, and Kate’s been forced to foot the expensive nanny bills out of necessity.

With money earned for the kids while filming, she adds.

“Kate actually asked Jon to help more [during] Celebrity Apprentice, but he refused. He only wanted to take them his usual one day a week,” the insider said.

“Kate has been going back and forth as much as she can ... the only reason she’s even doing Celebrity Apprentice is to make and income to help raise her kids!"

Just last weekend, the children were spotted in New York City though, presumably to visit Kate Gosselin while under the care of a team of nannies.

A passerby walking her pug in Central Park ran into the kids, giving props to Kate for being a “good mom” ... and no doubt infuriating Jon Gosselin.

"Absolutely Delightful, Vivacious, Polite & Loving children + 1 Amazing Pug. You should be proud @Kateplusmy8 #GoodMom," the woman Tweeted.

No word on how much she was paid to Tweet that.


First of all Jon n kate have been divorced for awhile now. Time to move on! There's plenty of divorcd people/ celebs ( which is not Jon..he is a nobody.) No talent , no
brain, no job! His jealous because she can take care of herself and the kids. And he can't take care of himself. Alimony Jon!? Please how low can you get! Grow up..move on Jon! And your so called concerned about you kids? Your actions against the MOTHER of your kids is trashy!! Your the loser! Kate keep up what your doing..we love you!!


Its so easy to be a a critic! I seriously doubt any of you would be waiting tables or playing receptionist with 8 children to support! Why aren't we scoffing and picking on celebs that spend their entire day on the set or away on location. Kate is trying to generate income to support her children, shame on you Kate! Get on welfare like a normal american!!


Kate has to make a living for her and the children as Jon will not. He is scary with his anger issues. Before he divorce she left the children with Jon to go to make money at a book signing deal and he left the children alone at night and has pictures leaving with one of his many girlfiends.


kate, take this serious.

@ Mister+Baja

What a ghetto comment!!


People may hate her but at least she is out there trying to make money for all of those children and trying to make a good home...what is Jon doing? Does he even have a job? I'm sure whatever job he has he does not make enough for child least not much.

@ jan

No she's not....unless you're saying that when you have 8 kids to support you only meed to work a week or two every few years. I'm quite sure that whatever Kate made Blogging for a month wasn't enough either.... but where were you to lash out at her then ?

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