Farrah Abraham Warned: Shut Your Yap About Vivid in "Celebrity Sex Tape" Book!

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Farrah Abraham's upcoming "erotic novel" about the sex tape industry reportedly has executives at Vivid Entertainment concerned about what she might reveal.

Having previously ordered her to stop blabbing about how she was drugged and raped while promoting her porn debut, they've fired off another legal threat here.

Demanding that she keep her trap shut about how the industry courts and signs "talent," Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch believes his trade secrets are worth millions.

Only if they remain that way, though: As in secrets.

Farrah's "Celebrity Sex Tape" book trilogy is loosely based on her experience in the porn business, which gave Vivid a smash hit in Backdoor Teen Mom.

Hirsch doesn't want the details to get out regarding how the controversial film, which co-starred industry regular James Deen, came to be last year.

It was marketed as a sex tape, as we know, but ...

Clearly it was planned out ahead of time, and Hirsch would just as soon make sure the public doesn't know the nitty gritty behind the disgusting best-seller.

While it's not clear what details he's worried about specifically, Farrah is both a loose cannon and notorious liar, which has to give him some gray hairs.

The CEO notes that Farrah Abraham signed a confidentiality agreement and that extends to thinly-veiled fiction ... whatever juicy tidbits it might contain.

The book isn't even out yet, so stay tuned.

Farrah 2: Backdoor and More Pic
Farrah Abraham in a still photo from Backdoor and More. As you can tell we've cropped it for obvious reasons.

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I find the industry disgusting, BUT, I think he is more worried about her lying. I could see her have Fallon raped by the evil CEO Sam Kirsch at Bright entertainment, or something along those lines. She will lie about anything, who cares who it effects.


Well her father had not signed any confidentiality agreement as reported in a interview he had last week and Vivid needs to worry more about him than his daughter. I bet Vivid will pay him big money to shut him up ... Michael said he had information all about the deal coming out in his book that will be out soon... The joke will be on Vivid's CEO!


I guess companies will think twice before hiring her for anything ever again. Everyone knows she makes excuses for everything she does. And we all know she doesn't take responsibility for her own actions. Remember it's everyone else's fault why she does what she does. And if she don't get her way she will cry. Pathetic she is!!!