Farrah Abraham: I Was Raped and Drugged "More Than Once," Beaten With Belt as Child!

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Historically, Farrah Abraham's behavior has often defied description, not to mention consistency, logic, truth and really any semblance of sense.

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    Her mom and dad used to beat her? yeah okay thats why everytime I watched teenmom ur daughter was with them? If my parents beat me as a child I would not for the life of me leave a dog with them let alone my child!

    @ Sarah

    I agree and remember what happened when her mom hit her!




    It all a lie???


    She is just ridiculous anymore. She was never nice or pleasant anyway, but now she is awful!! There is NO way that was a "sex tape". She has got to be one of the ugliest criers I have ever seen!!! Hahaha


    I want to know why TV doesn't go to the projects to film young girls cuz the Trashy Low Lives that Tv is paying to be on TV is far more Ghetto than many young girls who live in the Projects and deal with real life struggles not the Trashy lives that people like Farrah have created for themselves and now demand sympathy and a pay check. I guess Trashyness is selective for TV


    Just like her attitude & her words about her DUI were a slap in the face to anyone who has lost a loved one to a drunk driver, these allegations about being "drugged & raped" at the clubs where she made appearances for Vivvid are a total insult to anyone who has actually been the victim of sexual assault. Vivvid surrounds anyone like Farrah who is making an appearance at their clubs with female chaperones & male bodyguards from the time they arrive until the time they are escorted back to the airport. They would NEVER chance something like that happening on their watch. And if it DID....there would be a thorough investigation already going on as we speak. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Vivvid & James Deen are getting ready to hit her with lawsuits. I think that's why she went off camera to spill the beans to Dr. Jen tonight. If she were caught on tape confessing that she's been lieing all along about Deen leaking the tape behind her back, he would have a slam dunk case. As it is...they have plenty of evidence...it would just be easier if they had her confession on tape. We'll see what happens...


    so this is her excuse for going 'Anal'?


    I wonder if her sister would tell the same story?

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