Erin Andrews Grills Peta Murgatroyd, James Maslow on Dating Rumors: Watch, Get Uncomfortable Now!

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Dancing with the Stars' Peta Murgatroyd and James Maslow may or may not be dating, and Erin Andrews was determined to find out on the show last night.

It was momentarily uncomfortable in the ballroom at the 7:00 mark ...

The new Dancing With the Stars co-host went in for the kill after James' performance which Cheryl Burke (his partner for one "switch up" night only).

"It sounds like we have a little bit of talking to do," she said to the duo. "Can I just ... can you tell us you're dating? I want a Dancing With the Stars baby!"

"You're adorable! C'mon, who doesn't want this?"

Erin Andrews' questioning didn't go over so well.

"Oh my God," Peta replied, as she wiped her brow uncomfortably. Maslow added: "You can't have a baby while you're dancing, alright? So that's not gonna happen."

Romance rumors first began when the Australian dancer, 27, and Big Time Rush singer, 23, were paired together in the show's first week in march.

A then-shocked Murgatroyd, blushing visibly, then revealed on the program that, "I actually met James once before for dinner ... we kind of hit it off."

"I thought he was a good looking guy and then he went away on tour for two weeks and I didn't see him until he walked into the studio," she continued.

Maslow said at the time, "Would I take her on another date? Yeah, she's a really cool girl. But right now we are both here for the same reason - we want to win."

But let's be honest ... they're cute together.


1st. james parker; fish can't talk. Interviewing them would be fruitless. (& by that I mean they would not talk back, not that they don't carry fruit around with them...)
2nd. barbara z; what's your address - I'll be happy to send a thesaurus to find other words meaning 'spoiled brat' so your post(s) aren't so repetitive / boring.
Lastly..... Mister+Baja; HUH?


Your new cohost sucks!!! She's manly, doesn't have a clue how to interview a sole....she's ugly and looks awful in a dress. She angers everyone I know and we can't wait till she's gone for good!! Don't know where your head was getting rid of Burke...she was the biggest part of the show!! Sadly, we will not be watching the show much longer unless you loss the loser! She is not made for this show....ask around...people will tell you the same. She has no clue on how to interview kindly and properly...she's a cruel, undesirable tom boy! You need sexy and kind...someone who knows what to ask and how to answer questions.....she misses on all counts!!! You are losing what was a good show!!! Bye


I warn you, my ladies.
don't hook up with these attention grabbers!!


Poor Erin Andrews cant win with the media, because she sent one of Ted's Georgia Militia stalkers named Mike out of Georgia to prison for illegal wiretap and illegal video. The spoiled brat men stalkers of the media who seem to think this kind of activity is legal and women have to take their shit, will be criticizing Erin Andrews forever, because they are criminal spoiled brat men. So all Erin can do is go on and live her life, and realize that dumb assholes in media around Ted who are rich spoiled brats will be criticizing her forever, so to ignore them. Just telling you how it is.

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