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A note found at the scene of Kurt Cobain's death was made public by Seattle police today, revealing some unkind final words directed at the Nirvana frontman's infamous wife, Courtney Love.

Kurt Cobain Suicide Note

Scribbled on stationery from the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco, the note was disclosed by police following a recent re-opening of the investigation into Cobain's 1994 suicide.

Courtney likely wishes it had stayed hidden.

"Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawfully shredded wife," reads one scathing portion. "Even when she's a b!tch with zits and siphoning all yr money for doping and whoring."

Not exactly a love poem, but many have pointed out that there is no way of determining when the note was written or if the heroin-addicted singer was in his right mind at the time.

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Quick, Hillary Clinton and/or Rand Paul: You may wanna get Joe Jonas on your side.

The singer was at a Los Angeles Kings game Monday night when a girl at Culver City High School named Mia asked him to endorse her for student body president.

Jonas did so; Mia posted the video to her Instagram account; and then she was elected into office two days later!

Watch the footage now:

"Really excited the ad worked!" Jonas joked to TMZ afterward. "I've actually launched a political ad firm - but only for high school and college campaigns, and only while I'm at sporting events. We're open for business!"

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According to a new report, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are already married.

But might Kanye soon be filing for divorce?

The latest issue of celebrity gossip tabloid Life & Style claims that Kim cheated on Kanye soon after they got together in 2012… with CHRIS BROWN!

"The word is out,” an insider tells the magazine. “And Kanye is not just embarrassed, he’s furious."

Well, sure. How could he not be?!?

West allegedly confronted Kardashian about the rumor and “she denied it,” the magazine writes, but Brown is “bragging about it anyone who’ll listen."

Which, apparently, is enough of a reason for Kanye to believe it happened.

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Selena Gomez' Instagram meltdown made news recently, but it seems there was some truth to the singer's claim that she deleted all of her friends from her account so that she could focus on music.

That's Selena previewing a cut from her new album, Stars Dance.

It seems she's going in a much more mature direction with her music these days, which may explain why she's seeking to distance herself from drama like the alleged Kylie Jenner-Justin Bieber affair.

Though she'll likely never be quite as famous as her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Selena only needs a 17 second video to remind us that she's well beyond Bieber levels of talent.

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Lil Za just struck a plea deal in his drug and vandalism case that will keep Justin Bieber's buddy out of jail if he can keep his nose clean going forward.

Lil Za, Lil Twist, Justin Bieber

Often seen with and referred to in tandem with his big brother Lil Twist (above, with Bieber and Za), he is best known for his association with Justin.

It's an association that landed him in a world of trouble earlier this year.

Za pleaded no contest to felony drug possession, having been charged with two counts of felony drug possession for Ecstasy and Oxycodone in January.

Police found drugs near him during this winter's raid on his home - Justin Bieber's house - after which Za alleged racism on the part of the legal system.

In any case, a judge will reduce the felony to a misdemeanor as long as Lil Za doesn't break the law for the next year. In other words, don't be Chris Brown. 

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Jennifer Lawrence is usually credited with being mature beyond her years, tackling roles that would challenge far more experienced actresses, all while avoiding the excessive partying that spells disaster for so many young starlets.

There's a but coming ... sort of.

That's why we didn't believe Lindsay Lohan's claim that Jennifer Lawrence has sex for roles, but as J-Law confessed in a recent interview, a different tabloid mainstay totally has the dirt on her.

Jen sat down with Seth Meyers recently and revealed that she was so hammered after this year's Academy Awards ceremony that she lost her lunch in front of none other than Miley Cyrus, who reportedly told the actress to "get it together."

So maybe that's why she always falls at the Oscars. Maybe next year she'll barf on the red carpet and really go viral.

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Renowned fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were given a reduced, suspended sentence of 18 months in jail on Wednesday.

The duo's conviction on charges of hiding hundreds of millions of euros from Italian tax authorities via Luxembourg holding company Gado was upheld.

The sentence was reduced from 20 months because the statute of limitations applied to certain facts in the case. Still, it took the twosome off guard.

A lawyer for Dolce and Gabbana, who have always denied any wrongdoing, said they would appeal the decision: "I am speechless. We are all shocked.

A Milan prosecutor had asked the court in March to clear the pair, who closed the Milan shops where they sell clothes inspired by Dolce's native Sicily.

The previous decision, by a lower court, handed the duo suspended jail sentences of 20 months each and imposed a fine of up to 10 million euros.

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A Texas teacher, Heather Lynn Miller, is facing felony charges after she was allegedly caught in a portable classroom trailer with an underage student.

Miller was arrested Sunday night after a campus security guard at Katy Junior H.S. found the 46-year-old with a 14-year-old male during a routine patrol.

Miller was allegedly "engaging in an inappropriate relationship" with the student, according to a statement released by the Katy Independent School District.

KPRC reports that Miller answered the door to the temporary classroom, telling the guard "everything was fine." Suspicious, the guard looked past her.

What he saw was a 14-year-old student getting dressed.

Police aren't discussing details of the case; Miller, who taught social studies, was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

District officials said in a statement regarding the case:

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Zac Efron is a changed man.

Don't worry, ladies, he's still a dreamboat.

But the actor opens up to The Hollywood Reporter this month and says he's grateful he went to rehab last year because because he's now "much more comfortable in my own skin."

Adds Efron: "Things are so much easier, [but] it's a never-ending struggle."

Zac Efron on the Couch
Zac Efron kicks back and relaxes here within the pages of The Hollywood Reporter. Go ahead and drool, ladies.

What landed the former High School Musical star in rehab to begin with?

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Miley Cyrus was released from the hospital just last week following an allergic reaction to the antibiotic Cephalexin.

But now it seems the singer has suffered yet another health setback, forcing her to cancel a concert in Amsterdam that had been scheduled for May 2.

There is no official word yet on the severity of Miley's illness, but sources say that "her allergic reaction has returned."

Amsterdam was to be the first stop on the European leg of Miley's Bangerz tour and she is expected to also postpone a show in Antwerp that was supposed to take place on May 4th.

Miley hasn't issued a statement on the cancelation yet, but there is speculation that she may be forced to postpone her entire tour until she is back to full health.

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