LeAnn Rimes: Broke and Alone?!

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Years after stealing Brandi Glanville's husband, LeAnn Rimes continues to make tabloid headlines for her relationship with Eddie Cibrian.

The ever-reliable Star magazine reports that LeAnn is completely broke these days and she's been all but abandoned by Eddie.

The report, and its "anonymous sources" claim Eddie's acting career has dried up and he hasn't made any money in years, so he's been burning through Leann's savings.

Of course, LeAnn's career isn't exactly on fire these days and she's allegedly worried that Eddie will leave her "if she can't keep brining in so much money." As a result, the singer is "exhausting every possibility she has to make a buck."

LeAnn Rimes: Star Magazine Cover

LeAnn fired back on Twitter, stating that she's "flattered" that her face sells so many magazines and pointing out that this story conflicts slightly with the tabloid's earlier claim that she's worth about $50 million. As usual, the truth is probably somewhere in between, but the truth doesn't sell magazines!

Meanwhile, LeAnn keeps playing into the tabloids' games by publicly responding. Someone needs to teach her that if you keep feeding the trolls, they'll always follow you home.


cibrian,is sure too cute to hang around a loser,


Hello darling u don't have to be alone im average guy work a job stay alone money is the root to all evil u want a good man thats faithful dont have much but believe that love is more important that money that can show u a good time that u will laugh and have fun around these hoodrats and funny people but they know how to love and have fun I commented


True..they are saying he's cheating again. Like Tori's dirt bag hubby. He doesn't look like he bathes. LeAnn's guy is also a major league cheater. They are reporting she's looking the other way so Brandi doesn't win, but Brandi said she didn't want her boys going through another divorce. Me Ann loves to play the victim but her ex told her she doesn't get to be the victim after all those she continues to hurt. Posting pics and using Eddie's kid constantly to stay relevant and hurt people like Brandi, him (Dean) and their families. Karma biotch.


Sounds like mr Eddie needs to fight a damn job or get the hell out and move onto another idiot. I like Leeann she can do so much better than him.

@ Tina

She needs to steal a richer married guy?

@ Tina

Meant find a job


...........and justice for all.


oh well, what goes around, comes around....looks good on BOTH of the idiots!!! Wait til the twit finds out who he's cheating on HER with....lmao fools!!!

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