Kim Kardashian: A Total Diva on Set of Vogue Photoshoot?

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Her dream may have come true last week, but was Kim Kardashian a nightmare on the set of her Vogue photoshoot?

Sources tell Star that Kim went all Lindsay Lohan throughout the process, showing up late and having the “nerve to make her own rules for everyone" for crew members.

For example, she allegedly demanded that no one stare in her direction.

Sad Kim Kardashian

"Kim behaved like someone who was in high demand when she actually had to beg for the cover,” according to an insider, adding that Editor Anna Wintour only allowed a reality star to be featured because "Kanye agreed to be in the shots" as well.

Of course, some believe Kanye did more than just pose with his baby mama.

Some think Kanye paid a pretty penny to make the entire thing happen.

Wintour, of course, has denied this accusation. She says the Kimye cover was “entirely our idea” and that is is both “charming and touching.”

Gossip Cop, meanwhile, claims it has spoken to an "impeccable Vogue source" who swears Kim displayed no diva-like behavior at all while shooting her photos.

We cannot confirm or deny this rumor ourselves, but we can post all available Vogue images online and admit: Kim, Kanye and little Nori look downright gorgeous in them...


according to an insider, adding that Editor Anna Wintour only allowed a reality star to be featured because "Kanye agreed to be in the shots" as well.
So that explain why she is in the cover. It's because the main cover star is Kanye, Kim is just an afterthought. Kim Kardashian is just an accessory prop for Kanye .West.


Anna W. is lying through her teeth. Kanye has voiced and complained many times that his wh*re girlfriend Kimmode, should be on the cover. I do think that Anna W. agreed only if Kanye was on the cover too. I really don't see what Anna sees in Kanye. Many people see him as an arrogant, egotistical, vain little jerk. His last CD dropped 80% in sales the 2nd week it was out and many of his concerts did not sell out. Kimmode's KUWTK scripted trashy show has been losing viewers since 2007. They started out with 4 million viewers plus and at present has approx. 2.5 million. There are plenty of reality shows that have more viewers than that. Doesn't sound like they are on top of their game to me. Anna says they are culture leaders. NOT!!! Anna caved to Kanye pres sure and she did not just pick them to be on the cover. Kanye begged, and complained until it happened, plain and simple.


Just like every single one in the Klan is full of it, so is Anna Wintour. Cancel your subscription to Vogue.

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