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Very well done, Channing Tatum.

A couple days after Taylor Swift spent hours in a NYC hospital with cancer patients, the Magic Mike star helped Alisa Finley cross off one of the 48 items on her bucket list.

The 18-year old Kansas native has been diagnosed with a stage-4 brain tumor and recently wrote on Facebook that her dream is to receive a kiss from Channing Tatum.


So Tatum went ahead and recorded a one-minute video that included two online smooches, along with him and his wife paraphrasing the song “Happy” on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair’s Oscars party.

It’s clear Tatum is more than a very, very, very, very, very pretty face. Watch the former Sexiest Man Alive act like great Samaritan now:

Channing Tatum Sends Cancer Patient a Kiss