3-Year Old Argues with Mother Over Cupcakes, Debates Merits of Spanking

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A video of a three-year old arguing with his mother over eating cupcakes for dinner has gone viral.

Mostly because it's cute. But also because it's a bit controversial.

In the following footage, little Mateo pleads with his mom and, at one point, references how a punishment would "burn" his "butt."

He also sticks up for his little brother after his mother threatens them both with "pow-pows" to their rear end.

Are we witnessing an actual discussion over child abuse? Or just some good old fashioned strict parenting when it's called for? Watch below and join in the debate now:

We're sorry not all kid videos can be as simple and adorable as this dancing baby.

But check out a handful of cute kids doing very cute things here:


In this day and age we encourage children to problem solve and express themselves. This video is just a drop in the bucket example of what they also learn via what we as parents role model for them. Does anyone else note that he calls mom Linda and honey? Sounds & seems to me that he has witnessed mom & dad debate quite a few issues. Kids are sponges...they adsorb what we expose them to and emulate us in their attempt to communicate/plead their case! Yes folks we must watch what we say & do around children! This video is a cute reminder that this is the advanced generation of being seen & heard! 😛


Kid needs his "butt burned" what a disrespectful brat


yes, at three you will have some unanswered questions, folks.

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