17 Celebrity Tattoos That May Not Have Been a Great Idea

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Over the past few days, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have both freshened up their body ink.

For the latter, his mysterious, Banksy-related tattoo is simply his latest in a long run of permanent artwork, making Bieber a lock in the Celebrity Tattoo Hall of Fame.

Who else is a member? And who might one day regret some of these drawings?

Click around below and shake your head over what some stars have etched on their bodies, from Jesus Christ's mug to whatever the heck Sinead O'Connor has on her face...


Ocho Cinco aka: Chad Johnson has a tattoo of Evelyn face His ex wife who he head butted. Dumb ass got it on his calf after they separated 72days of marriage. Now she is engaged to Chace Crawford and just had a baby with him. Evelyn hit the jackpot with Chace.


Rihanna is going to look like Chris Brown if she continues with tattoos. Though she's still hot. Bem!


I see no reason for Ariana to ever regret the tattoos that she has, since they both represent something or someone she loves. Nothing wrong with that! And they aren't big eye-soars either!


So wat

Adelaide maisy

Any tattoo done without proper research and strong motivation is a scar. You would want to remove it as fast you got it inked. Simple as that! My tattoo, a remembrance for my mom, was deliberated upon for nearly 2 years before I decided to go for it. The artist at www.createmytattoo.com who designed it for me asked me twice if I had made up my mind about it. Bottomline, if you go for a tattoo, remember, it is for life.


so rihanna failed in life?


bieber shouldbe on there all 17 times - www.mugshotmugz.com


I'd never marry a woman with a tattoo

@ Roy

Good cuz they wouldn't marry you either

@ chucky

😸😸😸😹😹😹 LMAO