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Juan Pablo Galavis may not have proposed to Nikki Ferrell, or told her he loves her, or even committed to living in the same city. But all hope is not lost for her.

There's another guy openly yearning to love her, cherish her and get Nikki Ferrell pregnant ASAP. Okay ... maybe not the last part, but the point remains:

Nikki's ex-boyfriend Ryan McDill wants her back so hard!

  • Ryan McDill and Nikki Ferrell
  • Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Selfie

Still calling Nikki Ferrell "the one who got away," Ryan is telling everyone how he feels (in itself a red flag) in the hopes that it will garner him attention.

Even if this is just a PR stunt, it's better than anything her current boyfriend has done lately. While random girls throw drinks on Juan Pablo, Ryan waits.

Will he be rewarded with another chance?

Ryan and Nikki's relationship, which was a serious one, ended just three months before Nikki signed up to do The Bachelor, for what that's worth.

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Kaley Cuoco got married recently and it seems the Big Bang Theory actress' walk down the aisle has inspired her to make some changes in other areas of her life as well. Or pretend to, anyway.

Kaley Cuoco Haircut Photo

Kaley recently revealed a new tattoo and has been receiving more attention than ever from the tabloids lately, attention she decided to exploit over the weekend by pranking fans and haters alike.

Kaley posted the above photo to Instagram hours before the Kids Choice Awards and teased that she was planning a dramatically shorter haircut for the show.

Later she posted another photo featuring a set of shears with the caption, "I can't stop!" Naturally were expecting a dramatically different 'do for Kaley.

Turns out the whole thing is her idea of a prank. And she almost got away with it...

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Pharrell Williams has been tapped as a coach for The Voice Season 7 on NBC, the network announced with an appropriately #happy Tweet today.

Pharrell: New Voice Coach!

NBC posted: "Okay, we can OFFICIALLY say it! WE ARE SO #HAPPY to announce PHARRELL WILLIAMS = #NewVoiceCoach for SEASON 7."

Pharrell added, "This is going to be so fun." Adam Levine, who has been a coach on all six seasons thus far, replied "Welcome to the circus dude!"

NBC boss Paul Telegdy added that "he has already made a considerable impact as a mentor, drawing on an impressive track record as both a producer and performer."

"It is a perfect fit for The Voice as we evolve and reach for new heights with this franchise. It feels like we are welcoming an existing family member home."

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin might be making us sick with their snooty talk about "conscious uncoupling," but it turns out the famous couple may be involved in a down-and-dirty divorce, just like how us peasants do it.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow Red Carpet Image
  • Chris Martin Image

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ that Chris and Gwyneth are indeed splitting amicably, but not for the reasons they've claimed.

Turns out the couple is terrified of having its dirty laundry aired in public and both parties are worried that if they fight over money or custody court documents could end up in the tabloids.

So what kind of secrets are they concealing? Well, for starters, Gwyneth's affair with Donovan Leitch and Chris' relationship with Alexa Chung are still just the subject of rumor and could seriously damage the couples' reputations if the affairs were confirmed in court.

We can only guess as to what else the Martin-Paltrows could be hiding, because Gwinnie is notoriously protective of her public image and will likely stop at nothing to keep her ugly side as private as possible.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore dialed 911 minutes after being whomped on by Porsha Stewart last week, and her voice tells the story.

As 911 calls go, it's pretty tame - no screaming, hysterics or chaos to speak of - but Moore was clearly far from pleased as she phoned in the assault.

We'll have to wait until the reunion show airs to know how bad it actually got between then, but Porsha Stewart beat up Kenya Moore with cameras rolling.

When one listens to Kenya nonchalantly telling the 911 dispatcher, "I've just been assaulted," one can just see her rolling her eyes at the unending drama.

She lists her attacker by her maiden name, Porsha Williams.

Porsha and Kenya exploded on each other Thursday during the taping of the Bravo show's reunion. Some believe Porsha may be fired over the fight.

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Well, here we are. After 9 seasons, hundreds of girlfriends and countless legen - wait for it - dary moments, How I Met Your Mother, is ending its run as one of TV's most beloved sitcoms.

How I Met Your Mother Image

One big question has already been answered (the titular mother to Ted Mosby's children is played by actress Cristin Milioti), but several remain. 

Why, for example, did producers seem to hint so strongly in a recent episode that the Mother (we still don't know her real name) is diagnosed with a terminal illness shortly after marrying Ted?

Would one of the most lighthearted series on TV really go out on such a down note?

This being the Internet age, online fan theories abound. They range from ridiculous (Ted has Alzheimer's, hence his meandering stories and tendency to forget major details about his life) to the wholly plausible (Ted had planned to show his kids his beloved Star Wars saga and launched into his lengthy tale only after his TV broke).

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You know you're effing up when even Canadians are tired of your crap. Justin Bieber won a Juno award (the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy) over the weekend and the audience was less then pleased with the decision.

The Biebs wasn't on hand for the ceremony, but he received the fans' choice award anyway. Apparently the fans who voted for him weren't in attendance either, as the troubled pop star was loudly booed when his name was announced.

Following a string of legal entanglements including arrests for drunk drag racing and egging a neighbors' house, Bieber's fan base is rapidly dwindling.

He's long been more popular in the States than in his native Canada, but our neighbors to the north are generally less inclined toward openly rude behavior, so this public embarrassment represents a new low for Justin.

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An agreement over guardianship of Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow, has been reached, and her mother, Rebecca Soteros, should regain custody.

Provided she completes rehab for alcohol abuse, that is.

The 15-year-old Meadow Rain Walker has been staying with the late actor's mother, Cheryl Walker, since Paul Walker died in a car crash in November.

Soteros, Walker's ex-girlfriend, has battled alcohol addiction; sources say this was a reason why Meadow moved from Hawaii to L.A. to live with Paul.

The star's will named his mother, Cheryl, Meadow's guardian. However, Soteros will regain custody if she successfully completes a rehab program.

It's an arrangement both mother and daughter want, insiders say, and the Walkers are amenable to it as long as Rebecca, who has two DUIs, gets help.

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Sara Gilbert married her longtime girlfriend Linda Perry on Sunday, almost one year ago after the singer-songwriter popped the question in an L.A. park.

Gilbert opened up about the news on her hit CBS talk show, saying:

Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert

"I happened to be talking about gay marriage and I thank you all for your support on that issue. That was before I had any idea about any of this."

"I'm super shy and don't usually want to tell anything ... But I wanted you guys to know because I feel like you're a part of our family here."

According to Gilbert, Perry planned a romantic proposal with a backup guitar player and brass band that she put together specifically for the big event.

"We go to a park ... it's really sweet and there's this guy sitting playing guitar, like a street musician, and he starts playing a song that we love," she recalled.

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Well, it looks like it's Orlando Bloom's loss, the rest of the world's gain.

Newly single model Miranda Kerr opened up about her sexuality in a recent GQ UK interview and the discussion was every bit as interesting as you'd guess.

"I appreciate both men and women," said the Victoria's Secret stunner "I love the female body and truly appreciate the female form. I want to explore. Never say never."

Unlike other models who hide behind false modesty when discussing their looks, Miranda openly admits she's received a lot of attention since her divorce from Bloom last fall.

"I still get chatted up a lot," Miranda says. "I've had some crazy, ridiculous proposals - stuff that you wouldn't even see in the movies."

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