Hilary Duff: Twitter Selfies Reveal Shocking Hair Transformation

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Hilary Duff seems to be making some major changes to her appearance following her split from Mike Comrie, her NHL player husband of several years.

Hilary Duff "Before" Photo
Hilary Duff: Twitter Selfie

The former Disney star and new mom tweeted the above photos over the weekend, but offered little in the way of why she looks like two different people.

"Suuuuuuper blonde. No extensions...murdered my color today," Duff tweeted along with the second photo.

There's no doubt that she looks good, but its surprising that an actress who's been so often hailed for maturing gracefully would try to look so...different.

Naturally, it's Hilary's face/hair/body and she's free to make all the changes she wants, but some fans are upset as they feel the stripped down, overalled Hilary on the left is the one they've come to know and love.

At the end of the day, however, Hilary is a young woman, a self-professed fashion maven, and an actress. For all we know her ne look could be for a role.

The more likely explanation, however, seems to be that as a newly-separated single mom, Hilary is experiencing the world's most premature midlife crisis.

Or maybe she's just trying to win back Aaron Carter. We'll leave it up to you:

Do you think Hilary's new look is a change for the better?

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