Little Girl Hears Parents' Wedding Song, Cries Tears of Joy and Emotion

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There's really no way to do justice to how sweet this little girl is. None.

Listening to her parents' wedding song, she becomes so beautifully, innocently and magically overcome with emotion that we challenge you not to tear up yourself.

She's already the cutest thing ever to begin with, but watching those eyes water and that lip quiver once the music starts playing is almost too much to handle.

See for yourself below, but prepare yourself, it's about to get dusty:

BT-Dubs, the song is "Feels Like Home" by Canadian singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk. It was used on the Dawson's Creek soundtrack. Enough said.

And that's your dose of adorable for the day, THGers. You're welcome!

Seriously. If that didn't make you feel good about life, what will?

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she is simply scared, remeber she is still a baby.

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