Kim Kardashian Blasts Tabloid Butt Story: Get a Life!

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Kim Kardashian is going on the offensive in response to a tabloid cover story that claims her body has become offensive.


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    Poor kimmy!


    from the rear, that thing has always been huge and ugly. She gets it from her mom --- get a good look at Kris's behind and you'll see. i keep hoping this whole crew will just go away. so superficial, stupid, oblivious, self-centered, spoiled, etc. etc. etc. Now they're promoting their luxurious lifestyle on some new show: "kim and kanye, the rich life" or something like that. Here's what: how 'bout taking the focus off of your own fat ass and helping some poor suckers out who are jobless, homeless, starving, etc. Jeez, you people are CLUELESS.
    our economy is in the crapper, people are struggling terribly, and you're going on about your "fabulous" lifestyle. we don't want to hear it. and keep in mind, there have been times throughout history, when braggarts like you were targeted, kidnapped or what not because the "little" people are damned pissed off. if you're doing fantastic, great for you, but stop bragging about it and give others a hand. Kee-Rist, no one in the world needs 50 million dollars to live -- you can afford to spare some. just sayin.


    She's always looked fat from the back. If I had a backside the size of hers, I'd always keep it covered with long floppy tops. It's just not pretty.


    what KK quit paying InTouch?? and never has a woman claimed so much physical debility over 1 child C-sectioned at 7 1/2 months-get over it fat cow Kim-GET A LIFE!! freakin hilarious K the butt clown of the world


    Dumb and dumbest!!!!!!!!


    but there are still plenty of naïve americans who believe this crap..........


    Instead of telling us to get a life, she should get a clue.


    And BTW I've lost a lot so far & I'm proud of that!

    If you add up all the weight she says she lost, it adds up to a couple hundred pounds.


    "I will never conform to your skinny standards sorry! Not me

    That's actually right, She is destined to be one huge fat wide-load.


    Hey Bimbo,

    Explain to me then the pictures of you and your idiot sisters looking like you lost 80 pounds each.

    Could it be that they were photo shopped? Or are you lying through your fake teeth?

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